Car rental in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia

Affordable Car Rental Services in Vietnam Offered by Trust Car Rental Co. Ltd

Vietnam is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. Every year, people travel to its booming cities for business purpose or holidaying. If you are planning to visit the beautiful country of Vietnam either for a casual fun-filled sightseeing experience or for serious business, you will of course need a vehicle to pick you up from the airport and drop you off to your desired location. While airport taxis are readily available, they usually charge 100USD, which is quite expensive. Besides, you may not get a polite, friendly taxi driver!

In such a situation, it is by far a wiser decision to book a private car from a reliable car rental service providing company operating in Vietnam for years. These companies has a large fleet of vehicles starting from cars, taxis, vans to even buses for safe transfer of a large group of travellers to a hotel, resort or a business area. Car rental in Vietnam is quite lucrative an option since you will get a car at the most competitive rate. Several companies including Trust Car Rental Co. Ltd also provides hot deals on car hire! The company also offers 15 % off on all advance bookings.

Hanoi is one of Asia’s most visited places. There are extensive boulevards, tree-fringed lakes and ancient pagodas to view and admire. Hanoi is an energetic city ideal for business or relaxation. For easy car rental in Hanoi, Vietnam you can call Trust Car Rental Co. Ltd. They have English speaking drivers who are friendly and well-mannered. You choose a pickup time and the driver will wait with the car outside your hotel just on time. So, you can enjoy the most comfortable journey on a good comfortable car of your choice.

In Danang, travellers will get modern hotels, apartments, restaurants and conventional sightseeing spots to explore. Car rental in Danang, Vietnam will enable you to discover all the best things the city has to offer! Businessmen can also hire a car to visit the Hoa Khanh industrial zone, Lien Chieu, or Hoa Cam industrial zone in Danang.

Ho Chi Minh is the largest city in Vietnam with many skyscrapers, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and shopping centers. People can go for car rental in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and choose from economy cars to luxury limousines for visiting any sightseeing spots or business areas.

People can also book a private car to travel from Saigon to Cu Chi tunnel and Mekong delta. You have to visit to Chau Doc Town first to get to the amazing Tra Su Cajuput Forest. Call Trust Car Rental Co. Ltd for inexpensive car rental in Saigon, Vietnam today! You can also take a private vehicle to explore Long Tan Cross, the Horseshoe and Long Phuoc Tunnels as well as to Mue Ne from Saigon.

Trust Car Rental also offers attractive deals for pickup and transfer from Ho Chi Minh airport. Car rental from Ho Chi Minh airport includes English speaking driver, all of fuel and driver expense, parking and airport fee, and water.

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