All About the Wind

By: Serina Wang


Wind is the sideways movement of air. It is caused by differences in the high air pressure and the low air pressure. The greater the air pressure, the faster the wind will blow. Wind moves from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.

Local Winds:

Local winds are basically winds that move short distances and can blow in any direction. They are caused by the unequal heating of Earth's surface within a small area. This usually happens near lakes and ocean coasts.

Sea Breeze:

Due to the uneven heating of Earth's surface, high pressure is created over the ocean and low pressure over the land during the day. The air over the ocean moves to the land creating a sea breeze.

Land Breeze:

During the night, low pressure occurs over the ocean and high pressure is created over the land because of the uneven heating of Earth. This causes the wind to move from the land to the ocean. That is called a land breeze.

Global Winds:

Global winds are also caused by the unequal heating of Earth's surface. But global winds occur over a much larger area and blows steadily over long distances than local winds. The uneven heating is what sets the convection currents between the equator and the poles into motion. Large convection currents cause the global winds.

Horse Latitudes:

Horse latitudes occur at about 30 degrees north and south of the equator. It is where winds are very weak. It's a calm area around Earth. Most deserts are located around this area because of the dry air. They are called horse latitudes because it was believed that along time ago, horses were thrown out of ships in this area.