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We have quite a bit to discuss in our faculty meeting this week, so I thought I would reduce our list by writing about one topic here. At the beginning of the year, the Building Leadership Team set several goals. One of their goals was to develop a procedure for what we are calling Afterschool Academic Success. This new undertaking will create teacher directed mandatory support time for our students failing two or more subjects during the school year. This will be a good opportunity to target those who need help the most, as students failing multiple subjects statistically have a much more difficult time graduating from high school if the trend isn't interrupted. The plan looks like this:

  1. At each five week point, any student who is failing two or more classes will be required to stay after school at least twice a week (Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday).
  2. Students failing multiple classes will be reported in team meetings as a list to the corresponding grade-level counselor who will then share that list with the building administration. Teachers not assigned to a team should report student failures to counselors individually.
  3. Upon receiving the list from the counselor, a letter will be generated by the main office to the guardians of the student informing them of the plan for their child. This will be signed by the principal and assistant principal. Teachers will be responsible for communicating the plan to their student.
  4. Students will stay with the teachers of the classes they are failing, and the teacher and student will agree to a schedule on a weekly basis.
  5. Students will remain in AAS until the next five-week benchmark (progress report or end-of-quarter). If the student is passing, AAS will be discontinued, and another letter will be sent from the main office stating this. If the student is still failing, they will continue in AAS until the next 5-week benchmark.
  6. If a student does not show on the agreed upon day, the initial contact home should be made by the teacher. If there is no change after this, either the principal or assistant principal will contact home.

I will be sending information about this program to all parents and guardians as part of a semester one wrap-up letter with report cards on Friday. I'm sure you will have questions as you digest this. I'll leave some time for discussion on Tuesday afternoon. As always, there will be exceptions based on individual student ability. What progress looks like for one may not be progress at all for another. A big thanks to the BLT members for working together to come up with the criteria. I truly believe that this level of accountability can help our struggling learners.

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Calendar (AKA Where Will Tim Be This Week?)

Attention: SchoolTool will lock for 2nd quarter grade inputting on Tuesday, Feb 2nd, at 11:59 PM. A reminder about quarterly grading- Any marking period average that calculates below a 60 should be entered as an F.

Monday, Feb 1st:

  • District APPR Committee Mtg, 3:30 PM, MS Library

Tuesday, Feb 2nd:

  • Faculty Meeting, 2:15 PM, Library

Wednesday, Feb 3rd :

  • Hudson Falls MS to visit our Makerspace, 9:15 AM
  • Community Coalition, 3:00 PM, Moreau Comm Ctr

Friday, Feb 5th:

  • Report Cards Distributed in Homerooms
  • Teen Town, 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Other Important Upcoming Dates:

2/11 - BLT Meeting

2/15-19 - Winter Break

2/25 - MS ITL Meeting

**If you're looking for me, don't forget to check the big calendar hanging on the wall outside of my office. This is the best I can do until someone forcibly implants a GPS device in my forearm.

Black History Month

February 1st marks the beginning of Black History Month. Now, more than ever, it is essential for us to think about how we can shine a light on the contributions African Americans have made to society. Please let me know if you have plans to incorporate this topic into lessons and discussions throughout the month. I would love to be present for them. I also challenge you to think about how we can continue to encourage our students to learn about the struggle for Civil RIghts in America, a struggle that, for all intents and purposes, is still playing out across this country every day on our televisions and in our communities.

PBS offers some great lesson plans and resources on this topic to get things started. Check it out!

Weekly Tech Tip

This week's Tech Tip from Jerilyn focuses on how Google Drive organizes files that are shared with you from other users, and how you can find them without having to go back and search for the mail notification that was sent to you when they shared the file. This is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to understanding the functioning of Drive and other Google Apps. Check out Jerilyn's latest Screncastify how-to here!

Reminder: Jerilyn is available to help you explore new ways to incorporate instructional technology into your classroom, as well as with tutorials on how to go deeper in Google Apps and Extensions. Send her an email to set up an appointment at

Restorative Justice Book Study

We are up to 17 staff members in our group book study on The Little Book of Restorative Discipline for Schools, which is a short and easy introduction to the world of K-12 Restorative Practices. Interested? Sign up here, and I'll share information with you as soon as we set a date after February break for our group discussion. This will only require one afternoon session where we will discuss various topics laid out in the book and connect it to our own growing practice at OWWMS.

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