Common Core - Tech Integration

August 27th & 28th

Mission For Today

•To validate your content and pedagogical skills
•To design around content and integrate technology . . . when appropriate
•To try something different
Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes

Common Core - Highly Recommended Site to Branch Out
...including links to Scholastic, Read-Write-Think, Interactive Sites

Learn Zillion

Video lessons and assessments.

Each lesson highlights a Common Core Standard

Common Core - App on Web
This link takes you directly to the specific standards. It interfaces the same way as the app. Download the app :)

Checklist of Standards

A "kid-friendly" version will be coming to you in the future . . .

Let's Get This Started . . September Days and Visual Prompts

Dot Day! September 15, 2013 (Celebrated on September 13th)

Celebrate Creativity, Courage & Collaboration!

FREE colorful 8 1/2 x 11 inspirational posters

The Dot book is read on a You Tube video. Kids LOVE The Dot.

September 17, 2013
FREE Download for Constitution Day

iCivics - More sophisticated games for 6th graders
Interactive resource for Constitution Day

Visual Writing Prompts

Visual Images With Prompts


Your mission is to explore the following sites and create a work of art to symbolize you/your values. You may use your photos, images from the web, or your words. ( For those of you worried about copyright images, here are two safe sites: Pics4Learning, FlickrStorm.)

Bonus points - Upload your creation to your webpage so you have something new to welcome your students.
You can download the creation or take a screenshot of it - Hold down shift command 4.


No log in required. Just upload pictures. Pick a shape or a word and download.

Motivational Posters

Printable motivational posters

More Photo Collages
-Quick and easy collage maker

VERY Popular Photo Editor
-Super easy photo editor with lots of free effects

Visual Poetry

Language is a Virus
Creative use of words


Enter a phrase and images will illustrate each word.

Using Words to Create - Tags

Word Mosaic - Upload words, select a design, and take a screen shot shift command 4.
LOTS of fun things to try :)
Copy and paste words or type in words. The more times you type a word, the larger the word will appear.
This is one of my favorite sites but it requires a plug in, so I'd play with it when you have more time. WORTH checking out!

Symbolic Collage

Your last activity included representations of you and your values.

Integrate Poetry

Samples of Poetry Formats

Poetry Formats

Interactive Poetry

Click on a format, type your poem


You need an email account for this site. Drop a picture and create a class poem.

Casey at the Bat

Internet Archive (Recommended Common Core Resource)
Over 10 recordings of Casey at the Bat

Compare any of these readings to James Earl Jones reading it with background music.

Baseball Almanac
Read an online article. Check the readability.
Test the readability of any website by using the above link. Make it a "Most Visited." Drag it to your Bookmark Toolbar.

You Tube
Watch a video of the book

Read, Write, Think
Choral reading - Casey, Umpire, Pitcher, etc.

Trading Cards Activity - App and Online

How To

The Great Idea Finder
Compare and contrast your reading with an online source. For example, explore the slinky.

Lucky Discoveries
Explore pictures and facts about those accidental inventions.

Fact Monster
Here's a quick invention search

A "how to" website with videos, PDFs, and instructables

Toys From Trash
See how old stuff can be made into a toy.

Research the history of your favorite toy

Teacher resource page with PowerPoint presentations and teacher ideas

Mr. Rogers - Don't forget PBS sites
How are crayons made?

Inside the Crayola Factory
Interview - Behind the scenes at The Crayola Factory


30 Free Account - Worth the exploration -Great for interactive whiteboards
Graphical concept maps show how ideas connect

Kennedy Center

Elements of a Story - Cinderella
This site explores the elements of a story: setting, characters, plot, exposition, conflicts, climax, resolution

Comic Creators

•Make Belief Comix
SUPER easy to create

Create comic books online & graphic novels

•Comic Master
Create graphic novels.


•Kids Discover - FREE Downloadable Items
AMAZING resource - Occasional free apps - CHECK THIS OUT!

Kathy Schrock Site
Kathy Schrock offers resources for using infographics - and just about everything else. Her site is one of the best educational resources.

Create visual posters.
You can create a chart with text, images, graphics, and charts. Use this for a response to an article that may have numerical data to help interpret the information.


Here's an example of a Piktochart (a graphic with pictures) based upon an informational passage.

Interactive site for Greek gods and goddesses

Myths and Legends
Investigate Greek gods and create.

Greek Trivia
Interactive quiz

Lots of information about Ancient Greece

Web English Teacher
Lessons about mythology

Storytelling - Voicethread

Upload images and record students narratives.

Storybooks - Creating Stories Online

Storyline Online
Model good storytelling.
This site has famous people reading children's books.

Creation sites
These can be used to make online books.

Upload pictures and create a movie. You can obtain an educator's account. Students LOVE using this.


Although this has been around for years, they now have a lesson plan section for all subject areas. Students love it! You can sign up for an educator's account.

Web Presentation Tools

Obviously, this whole presentation was created with Smore.
Create a flyer that depicts a topic and add a description. Compare two images, movies, or research a topic and invite someone to your findings.
Smore Example - Ancient Greek influence in Philadelphia




Google Earth

Google World Wonders:
Bring to life the wonders of the modern and ancient world

Compare and Contrast

Google Lit Trips
Great resource, but it requires some downloads first. Explore the locations of a book.

Videos - Enhance Instruction

Discovery Education
Just an amazing resource filled with videos, images, lessons, "On This Day"

Watch - Know - Learn
Free educational videos - categorized by subject area

Safely watch videos online - If a You Tube is blocked, it will stay blocked.

A K-12 moderated video sharing website that provides students and educators with safe video sharing.

A database for documentaries.
Educational programs on TV and online.

Khan Academy
Tons of videos for instruction and flipping

Search and view timeslines, or sign up and create your own.

Resource - ArtStor

*You Simply Must . . .
-User name is password is artstor
-Go to Tools and select Download offline presentation tool (OIV)
-Install (This will enable you to view and zoom images.)
-Use the advanced search
-QTVR will give you a 360 look
-Complete pdf and return to me by the end of today.

Resources - Graphic Organizers & PP

Graphic Organizers
Free downloadable graphic organizers

More FREE Graphic Organizers
This site even divides the organizers by grade levels

Lots of free downloadable graphic organizers and Back-to-School printables

PowerPoint Presentations
Free PowerPoint presentations

Resources - Web Page Readability Test and Make a PDF

Print Friendly
Make a print friendly & PDF version of any webpage

Readability - This is the same link under the Casey at Bat unit.
Test the readability of any website by using the above link. Make it a "Most Visited."

Resources to Support Technology Integration and Common Core

Super graphic with links.

Free Tech 4 Teachers
Common Core and Video Projects
Richard Byrne offers insightful ideas and projects to integrate technology.

My Big Campus

Here's a way to organize all of your resources. Brian Allen is a master!

Anna Hentz

7th Grade Humanities
K - 8 Technology Curriculum Leader