The Story of Snowmageddon

By: Sophia and Juan

What is the date of the Snowmageddon?

The date of the Snowmageddon was February 5-6, 2010.

Where was the Snowmageddon located?

The Snowmageddon was located in Washington D.C, Maryland and Virginia.

How many people where effected?

People were very effected with almost 20 inches of snow and another blizzard came three days later, causing 20 more inches of snow. That is when Barack Obama thought of the name Snowmageddon because of all of the paralyzing storms.

What were the damage cost of the Snowmageddon?

The damage cost for all three of the states was $555 million dollars.
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Safety Precautions for future storms.

  1. Have a heater ready (not broken)
  2. Be able to have many blankets.
  3. Have a stronger roof so no snow, rain, wind, or even trees, come through your roof.
  4. Have a well basement or crawl space to go into in case of any bad emergency.
  5. Have a well lock on all of your doors so nothing will breck it open.

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How does the blizzard form?

When snow is formed it is when tiny icicles collide to make a snowflake.

How many storms in the past have hit the area affected in the last 30 years?

  • Hurricane Katrina (2005)
  • Great Blizzard of 1978 (1978)
  • Hurricane Isabel (2003)
  • Atlantic Ice Storm (1998)
  • The Great Storm of 1987 (1987)
  • Burns Day Storm (1990)
  • Kyrill (2007)
  • Undine (1991)
  • Erwin (2005)
  • Jeanette (2002)

2 interesting facts about Snowmageddon.

There was 18 to 32 inches of snow!

Another fact is the Snowmageddon was ranked top 5 largest snow events in 144 years of records.

How did the Snowmageddon form?

They Snowmageddon formed by the way snow would form, by having low temperatures and there is moisture. Only one thing that there is way more than just two or more inches, it is way more.