Modern Government

Puerto Rico

Hello everybody! It's me Anish again! And this time I am here to share with you all the information I have gathered on my trip to Puerto Rico. I took this trip not only to enjoy the wonderful sights, but to also learn more about their government. So now let me tell you about the world of Rico's government.

Okay, so there is one question that the government asks the people every year, then they will allow the people to vote on what they think the answer is. That question might surprise you, but there it goes- "Is Puerto Rico in the United States?" Well in my opinion, the answer is yes and no at the same time, it's not really inside-inside of the United States, but we do have control over it. Now you'r probably wonder how we gained control over it. It happened when we won a war against Mexico, and in that war we took control of Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Ricans are considered to be part american due to us having control over them, but they still have their own rights, they can decide laws, what they build, who's voted president, and all those other important topics, but we have the power over them, so if they do anything against us, we can just bring them to justice. The population of the country is over 39 million people and most of the industry comes from tourists dropping by the beaches.

Well, I guess that wraps up my visit to Puerto Rico, I hope to see you again with even more exciting news and adventures, but until then, see you later!