What's Happening

Week of March 25th


***ELPA 21 testing occurring all week

Monday, March 25th

*Report cards are due to me

8:00-12:30 Instructional Rounds at Irving

8:00 Preschool IEP

10:30-11 2/3 Dress Rehearsal--whole school invited

1:00 IEP meeting

1:30-2:05 K/1 Dress Rehearsal--whole school invited

2:50 PLCs and PD

6:00 K/1 Music Program

6:45 2/3 Music Program

Tuesday, March 26th

8:00 Preschool Team meeting

9:00 Classroom

10:30 IEP meeting

11:00 Evaluation conference

11:30-1:00 Walk throughs/Meet with CT

1:00 IEP meeting

1:15 Preschool IEP meeting

2:05 Help with YR

3:00 Evaluation conference

3:40 10 min stand up meeting

3:50 Post Observation conference

6:00 Orchestra Concert-West High

Wednesday, March 27th

8:00-12:00 SDI work team (in conference room)

8:00 CARE/Tier 2 team (in Amy's room)

10:30 Westside PLC (Riverside)

10:45 Help with YR

12:30 IEP meeting

1:45 Lock Out Drill-----THIS MAY CHANGE

2:00 Eligibility Meeting

2:45 Lexia Time-Trobaugh

5:00 Foodbank Volunteering

Thursday, March 28th

*Report cards go home

8:00 Problem solving meeting

8:30 Teacher meeting

9:00 Classroom observation

9:00 IEP meeting

9:55 Classroom Observation

10:45 Help with YR

11:30-1:00 Walk Throughs

1:15 Classroom observation

2:30 Help with YR

6:00 Rollerama Night

Friday, March 22nd

8:25 Walk and Talk

9:00 Classroom observation

10:00 Classroom

10:45 Help with YR

1:15 Follow Up Observation

2:05 Help with YR

Summer School Information and Next Steps

Who: Students currently in grades K-1-2 that are persistently at risk

Where: Liberty

When: June 4-June 28; 8:30-12:00

*Busses will depart summer school sites at 12:15 for students not participating in Beyond the Bell in the afternoon. Free lunch will be provided. Students will be bussed from Riverside to Liberty.

Please let me know how many permission forms that you might need and for which students. Forms are due back to the office by April 26th.

Timelines for Assessments

BLT met last week to determine our Assessment calendar. Please put these in your calendars.

**Rapid Assessments--please have completed by April 26th

**Apr. 29-May 3 aReading 3rd-5th grade will have first priority to complete. Schedule information will be coming from Niki as we get closer to testing.

**Apr 29-May 17 Teachers can start with the CBMr as it fits in your schedule based on students' needs.

**May 6-May 17 ISASP testing will occur. More information to come.

**K-2 CBMr/Early Reading-----follow your typical window

**K-2 aReading---info will be coming from Niki

If you have questions, please let BLT know and we can answer them at PLC time.


Mar. 25 6:00 K/1 Music Program; 6:45 2/3 Music Program

Mar. 25 Report cards and IEP progress reports to me so I can preview before Thursday

Mar. 26 6:00 4th/5th grade Orchestra concert--West High

Mar. 27 5:00 Food Bank Volunteering Opportunity

Mar. 28 Report Cards go home

Apr. 2 5:30 PTO meeting

Apr. 4 3:45-4:45 Kindness Club

Apr. 12 Sioux City Public Schools Foundation "Are you smarter than a 4th grader?"

Apr. 15 Kindergarten Registration

Apr. 18-22 SPRING BREAK!