Should Animal Testing Stop?

Animal Testing. Good Or Bad?

What Is Animal Testing?

Animal testing is for research for products,education,and to see the affects of diseases and to test the causes of diseases. Animal testing started in the late 19th century. Some people say that animal testing is good and it should not be stopped. Animal testing has played a big role in in almost every major medical break through,including diseases like cancer and different skin diseases. But animal testing should be stopped because of cruelty.

The Large Number Of Animals Harmed Each Year In Research Does Not Match The Benefits To Humans

  • For example,in 2009 1.13 million animals were tested plus an estimated 100 million mice and rats.
  • Over 1 million dogs,cats,sheep,hamsters,primates,and guinea pigs are used in labs each year. Over 86,000 are dogs and cats.
  • 14 million rats and mice were used in research in 2002.

Animal Experiments Cost Tons Of Money

  • Each animal that is tested on needs a home(cage)food,water,and the products they will test on it. Therefore it is expensive to keep each animal.
  • Animal experiments take billions of dollars and takes 40% of all research funding from U.S. national institutes of health.
  • Harvard University spent five million dollars on cruel drug addiction experiments on monkeys.

Animal Testing Is Very Cruel

  • In one most common test researchers put chemicals into animal eyes and record the state of injured eye for 21 days.
  • Animals are not given anesthesia even during extremely painful tests.
  • Many labs burn,shock,torture,and starve animals without pain relief.

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