Life Group UPDATE

May 24-25, 2014

GroupLink @ Woodland Parrish this Sunday 10am

Woodland Parrish, don't forget that GroupLink is coming this Sunday from 10:00am-10:30am before worship at Buffalo Creek Middle School.

Group leaders, invite anyone not in a group yet to attend and find a group. They can Sign Up here (and we take walk ins too).

How Do We Handle the Gay Rights Issue in a Christian Way?

One of the most pressing issues the church will face is how to handle the growing cultural pressure to accept homosexuality as just another lifestyle or gay marriage as a civil right. While the Bible is clear in both Old and New Testaments, the culture sees this as a "justice" issue and Christians as discriminators. Click the button below for ways to respond by several leading Christian pastors and psychologists.

BEACH BAPTISM Coming Up Sunday, June 8

Join us at Coquina Beach Sunday, June 8 at 4pm for our Woodland Beach Baptism! If you have not been baptized, sign up in the lobby at Guest Services. If you want to come out, fellowship, and cheer people on, then make plans to join us and help celebrate new life in Christ!

College & Young Adults: Paddleboarding & Volleyball & Baptism June 8

College and Young Adults, come join the church for our Beach Baptism June 8 at 4pm at Coquina Beach AND bring your swimsuit. We'll hang out for paddle boarding and volleyball afterward.
Men: "like" our Woodland Men's Facebook page (click)

Men, go to our Woodland Men's Ministry page and "like" the page so you can stay informed in your FB news feed on what's coming up at Woodland for men.

Weekly Delegation Sheet: The Tool to Create Shared Ministry in Your Group!

It is the simple things we end up doing. No one likes needless complexity.

Nothing could be truer than when it comes to delegating parts of the Group to those who attend. Without delegation your Group members don't step up to take on ministry in the group. And you run the risk of them growing dependent on your for everything instead of maturing as servants. And people who share the ministry take ownership in it--vital to Group health and discipleship!

With a small group of 16 or fewer people attendance, you don't need to build an organization per se.

Instead, delegate each small task for the following week only by asking for volunteers using the Delegation Sheet. This simple downloadable pdf tool tells you what to delegate, and even has a very short paragraph on how to do it! Just print it out and use it at the end of your Group time each week. You never volunteer someone; they volunteer themselves. It's easy! Try it this week.

TRANSFORMED by Rick Warren

Church wide this Fall, starting the week of September 27/28 for seven weeks!
All of our adult Life Groups will be aligning together this fall for our church wide spiritual growth campaign, Transformed! It's based on materials by pastor Rick Warren with the overall theme of how God wants to transform us (instead of our conforming) in Seven specific areas of life: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, relational, financial, and vocational. That just about covers every facet where God wants you to "be transformed" according to Romans 12:2.

If you'd like to see Rick Warren's Transformed sermon series he preached it's free online. The sermons are NOT part of the group study, but what he preached each week in early 2014 for his own church to go along with it. It's great supplemental material.