A Christmas Carol Backround

Joshua Naumann

The Victorian Age

The Victorian Age was a time of invention, innovation, and ... well ... okay, life wasn't so great. However, I will try to cover the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, *cough* *cough* Jack the Ripper *cough*. Grab your popcorn, we're in for a wild ride.

The Good

The Victorian Age, named after Queen Victoria herself, was taking place during the Industrial revolution, a time when machines were starting to replace manual labor. Inventions such as the telegraph, telephone, and the electric bulb were made during this time. Oddly enough, other inventions like concrete and ice cream were also invented. The fashion of men varied from frock coats to the introduction of the blazer. I'm afraid, however, this was the only good I had in my notes. Now we move to the majority of said notes: the Bad.

The Bad

Yeah, so nobody really cared about Christmas. Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol to show how brilliant Christmas could actually be. Child labor was excruciating, with long hours and little pay. Women were writing their own wills when they found out they were pregnant. People in poverty lived in poorhouses, houses filled with people in poverty, which were dirty and cramped, and the residents worked to fund the house. But I'm not done yet. Let's go to...

The Ugly

Jack the Ripper. Need I say more? I suppose I should, though. Jack the Ripper was a murderer who killed at least five prostitutes. He hid in Pea-Soupers, really thick fog of the time, which was successful cover for his murders. Nobody knows the true identity of Jack the Ripper, not even today...

About Charles Dickens

So where does Charles Dickens get involved in this? I'm pretty sure that he had nothing to do with Jack the Ripper (or did he?), but his life during the Victorian age wasn't exactly
Sunshine and Lollipops. His father was constantly in debt, which got Dickens in student labor. Student labor contained hard work and long hours. However, we need to talk about one of his best works: A Christmas Carol. As stated above, the Christmas holiday was not cared for by a lot of people; only religious people celebrated the holiday in their own home. Dickens changed this forever by publishing the well-known story, showing everyone through his writing that Christmas could be a cheery holiday. With this knowledge I think everyone knows what Scrooge represents.