Franklin Roosevelt

The story of a leader who inspired a nation

Franklin Roosevelt was a great leader who guided America through tough times. His calm personality and charisma helped his people through some of the darkest days in America history. Further more, he had innovative and exciting ideas that helped America come roaring back from the burdens it faced. All in all, Franklin Roosevelt has impacted others through his inspirational leadership .

His Life

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 in Upstate New York. He grew up in a wealthy family and enjoyed a enriched life. As a child, Roosevelt was an average student and, Roosevelt felt that studying and such really didn't suit him. Despite his par academic abilities, he got himself into Harvard and became very involved in politics. Like his father, Roosevelt became a democrat. It was however, a republican who was his role model and mentor.

Franklin's "Uncle Teddy", or former president Theodore Roosevelt, encouraged and guided Franklin down the path of politics. It was also Theodore who introduced Franklin to his future wife, Eleanor. Anyway, under president Theodore, Franklin easily won a seat as a New York representative in 1910. Using this success, Roosevelt sprung himself onto the national stage and, by 1920, he became the democratic Vice Presidential nominee. The election however, wan't even close. Despite this, Roosevelt took the loss an a learning experience as he gained valuable knowledge he would use later on.

Shortly after Franklin's run for Vice President, Roosevelt contacted Polio, a disorder which took away Roosevelt's ability to move his legs. Despite this, Roosevelt taught himself to walk short distances by twisting himself in a very painful way and never used his wheelchair in public, as he thought it would make look like a weak leader. Roosevelt however, was anything but weak and, the peopled showed their respect for him in 1929, when he was elected as the governor of New York. In his 3 years as governor, Roosevelt transformed the state of New York and, by the next presidential election, he was a popular choice for the top job.

By 1932, America was in tatters. The Great Depression had swept across the nation and, many were left jobless or homeless. Not many people wanted to lead in the time like this but, Roosevelt was up for the job. After many months of hard campaigning, Roosevelt won the election by a great margin but, the real task was up ahead. Roosevelt had to lead America out of the Great Depression, a time of instability for our once thriving nation. His "New Deal" however, was simple yet ingenious and, Roosevelt's policy led America out of it's darkest days.

Roosevelt was extremely popular as leader and, in 1937, he won a re-election in a landslide vote. The "New Deal" still continued to work wonders throughout Roosevelt's second term and, the people were very happy with Roosevelt's refrainment from World War II. Roosevelt had done such a good job in fact, that he had accomplished something never done before . In the 1941 election, Roosevelt was elected to a third term, breaking the 2 term precedent set by George Washington many years ago. Why did break the American tradition? World War II was approaching and, he felt a change of leaders would leave America unstable. As a result, he took the initiative and took a 3rd term, one that proved to be invaluable.

Roosevelt's leadership throughout World War II kept America out of the war for as long as possible and ensured that America's safety was not in jeopardy until the Pearl Harbor attacks forced them into World War II. Even then, Roosevelt teamed up with the other allies and had constructed an effecient military plan to defeat the Axis powers. This success prompted him for a fourth term, which was unfortunately left unfinished. On March 29, 1945; President Franklin Delano Roosevelt tragically died in office of an illness. The nation mourned his death but, he still lived on in his tremendous impact on the nation and its people.


What Leadership qualities did FDR demonstrate?

  • Calmness : Roosevelt remained calm in the worst crises and always looked for a solution.
  • Openess : Roosevelt's openness to the public kept the people secure and confident in their nation
  • Intelligence : Roosevelt could find a logical solution to any problem, and use this talent to keep the United States afloat during tough times.


Thursday, Aug. 25th 1921 at 12am

Campobello Island, NB, Canada

In August 1921, Roosevelt contracted polio during a vacation at Campobello Island in Canada. The disease caused him to lose the use of his legs. Roosevelt however, refused to be seen in a wheelchair in public. In fact, only 2 pictures have ever been taken of him in a wheelchair. Why did Roosevelt hide his Polio? He though it made him look like a weak leader. In fact, Roosevelt even taught himself to walk short distances by painfully twisting his abdomen just so others wouldn't see him in a wheelchair. All in all, Polio may have hindered Roosevelt through his life but, it never brought him down.


In conclusion, Franklin Roosevelt has had a great impact on others through his courage and leadership. He demonstrated an uncanny ability to get America out of troublesome times and, he simply made the lives of millions of people better. All in all, the lasting impact Franklin Roosevelt has had on society can not be ignored.