Internet Safety

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Reading Material

"Big Brother"? No, It's Parents -- New York Times article discussing one parent's experience monitoring her child's online activity.

lol . . . OMG! by Matt Ivester -- Written for college students, but explains how to guard one's online reputation well.

Logged On and Tuned Out by Vicki Courtney -- Written in 2006, and some of her references are dated, but the still worth reading. Truth is timeless. Courtney writes from a Christian perspective and gives solid advice which she supports with research data.

Kim Komando's Guide to Facebook Privacy This recently updated ebook by Kim Komando, gives step-by-step instructions on Facebook's everchanging privacy settings. Her instructions are thorough and easy to follow.

Why should you be concerned about the Location Services on your child's phone? Digital photos have their own DNA. With free programs, and a click of the mouse, you can tell what camera was used to take a picture, what app was used to modify it, the settings used to capture a certain light, AND exactly where on a map the picture was taken.


Parental Controls on iDevices

Apple devices allow parents to set up some basic restrictions. You can turn off apps, restrict the ability to install apps, and even set an age restrictions for apps, movies, and music.

The first step is to turn on the Restrictions. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions >select Enable Restrictions. The first time you do this you will be prompted to set a 4 digit passcode. Set a passcode you can remember.

iPhone 5 Tips - Restrictions

Monitoring and Filtering Options

Family Shield -- Filter adult content from your home internet. OpenDNS offers a free and paid version of Family Shield.

Mobicip -- Internet filtering for mobile devices

Safe Eyes -- Internet filtering for computers and mobile devices

SafeShield by Avira -- Review

Mamabear app -- Monitor your child's location and social media activity.

My Mobile Watchdog -- Monitor the text messages your child receives.

Dad Guard - Monitor all activity on a mobile device including transcripts of text messages and reports listing all web sites visited.


What is Instagram? video

Should you be concerned about Snapchat? article

Open Letter to My Boys Regarding Technology -- letter

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Internet Safety and Social Media

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Internet Safety -- The Law Enforcement Perspective

GCS Parent Meeting - Internet Safety