Major League Second Grade News

Mrs. Moats' Class

Friday, April 8, 2016

Please be sure your student has a jacket or coat at school! Our recess is at 10:10 and it has NOT reached the high temperature at that point in the day! Some mornings it feels like 40 degrees or less!

Congrats to Mrs. Backes and the 5th graders. The 5th grade play was great and so much fun to watch!!

Here is our week in review:

Spelling/Word Work: *I can make plural nouns by following the rules of adding s, es or ies.

Reading:*I can describe and use smilies and metaphors in my study of poetry. * I can describe how an author uses similes and metaphors in poetry to create a deeper meaning for the reader.

Writing: *I can discover different types of poetry (acrostic poems, ABC poems and shape poems) and try to imitate the style in my writing.

Science/Social Studies: *I can compare and contrast life cycles of different species of animals.

Math: *I can solve problems that result in mixed numbers. * I can learn the term and notation for mixed numbers (11/2) *I can find equal parts of a whole and name them with fractions (1/2 as one of two equal parts) *I can see different ways to make fourths of a square. *I can learn the term one fourth and the notation of 1/4. *I can recognize the equivalence of different fourths of the same object. *I can learn the term one third and the notation 1/3. *I can identify halves, thirds and fourths of a region.

April Character Trait-Accountable

Being accountable means that you have been trusted to do something because you are capable!

Items for next week

We will wrap up life cycles next week and talk about communication and transportation. There will be a fun interview assignment that we will do in conjunction with this unit. Look for that to come home on Wednesday next week!

Upcoming Events in April and May

April 13- MAP testing begins (2nd grade DOES NOT take MAP tests but it will effect our special class schedule)

April 15- Progress Reports Go Home

May 2-6- Teacher Appreciation Week

May 5- School Store

May 10- Orchestra Assembly

May 11- Sing Off

May 13- Second grade field trip to LU Farms

May 16- Brag Tag Assembly-9:00

May 18- Sports Day 12:30-2:30

May 19- LAST DAY OF SECOND GRADE! Dismiss at 12:00