By Stanley K.


The first recording of a guitar was 3,000 years ago. It I'd a wooden box with a hole that had a stick for a neck, with strings of fiber attached. The Spanish guitar was invented along with the style of playing in 1200. Electric guitar was invented in 1931 by the father of modern guitar Les Paul. Many styles of playing came with this. Metal, Jazz, alternative, funk and more.

Classic Guitar

The classic guitar or Spanish guitar takes an acoustic look. What makes I'd different from Electric guitar is it has classic guitar strings (nylon) instead of metal stings. This makes it sound more ringing and acoustic.

Parts of a Classic/Acoustic

Classic guitar example

How To Play

Classic guitars don't have inlays. They are played by hand (no pick) and strum multiple strings with one hand. This particular guitar has 6 strings.

Conclusion For Classic Guitar

Classic guitar is probably the hardest style to play. This is because all the notes are slurred or connected. You also play on so many various strings you can't use a pick, you must use your hand.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar is the most popular type of guitar. This type of playing is found in most commonly country music, but also Christian music. What makes it different from classic guitar is you commonly play chords on this guitar. This means putting you fingers on certain strings in different frets and strumming.

How To Play

Acoustic is usually played using chords. You can use a pick or not. The acoustic can be amplified.

Now to the good stuff

Electric guitar

Electric guitar is very popular in music today and was very popular in years past. This style of playing consist of a guitar that is plugged into an amplifier(amp). The string vibration is picked up by the appropriately named pickups wich turns that sound into an electrified sound that comes out of the amp.

How to play

Electric guitar is played with a pick. You rarely use chords but you do use power cords.

Hollow Body

Hollow bodies are vey popular. They are rounder at the body with slits or holes. Like an acoustic guitar it helps the sound ring.

To give you an idea

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