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All motions were approved.

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Workshop Meeting

Safe2Say Something Video

Dr. Tony Naradko outlined the roll out of the state-wide Safe2Say Something Program which allows people to report threats of self harm, other crises or safety concerns, anonymously. The call center is staffed by the state and is trained to determine if tips are life threatening or not and ultimately report out to the school districts. If imminent danger is present, the tip gets dispatched to Lehigh County 911. PHS students who are involved in the TV Studio worked to create a video that helped train students in grades 6-12 about how to report a tip as well as how to be vigilant about spotting warning signs among peers who may be at risk for self harm:

Mid-year Review of 2018-9 District Goals

Rod Troutman, Assistant Superintendent, gave the mid-year goals update which can be viewed here:$file/2018-2019%20Mid-Year%20Goals%20Presentation.pdf

2019-20 Budget Presentation

John Vignone, Director of Business Administration, presented the budget update which can be viewed here:$file/Budget%20Update%2002-19-19.pdf

Regular Meeting

LCTI report was given by David Hein:$file/LCTI%20Joint%20Operating%20Committee%20Report%20Feb%202019.pdf

Carbon Lehigh report:$file/CLIU%20Minutes%20of%2012-17-19%20Board%20Meeting.pdf

Rob Cohen and Lisa Roth did not approve payments to any Cyber Charter Schools to illustrate their disgust at funding the under performing schools with tax dollars.


The School Board remarked that the Safe2Say video was amazing and they were impressed with all of the student work that was done on the video. The music, the scripts, the incorporation of three secondary schools, brief cameos by the staff, and student participation was very well done.

The Goals report was also positively received.

Next Meeting is Tuesday, February 26, 2019, at 7 PM.