Career Project: Matthew Alt

My Family

I have a wonderful family that I come home to every day which consists my sister, Madeline (7), my brother, Micah (12), my mom and dad, and me. My family is always busy doing something, which is probably why we are so good at multitasking.

My Interests

On any given day, you can find me outside. Whether it's shooting hoops or hiking, I love the outdoors.

Occasionally, I'll give myself a relaxation day where I can sit down, and rest. After all, everyone needs one of those, right?

I also wrestle and play football, for when those seasons come. What can I say? I love contact sports.

A career that would go with my interest would be sports trainer or physical trainer.

My Future

I don't know where my future will take me, but I have a good idea as to where and how. I have found that I am a business-type person, so I assume that I will be working in the business department when I grow up, and I also assume that I will be married, and have two children. The only person who knows my future right now is God, and I trust that he will guide me in the right path throughout my life and into the future.

My Values

I was always taught to know my values, and remember them. I value trust more than anything. Trust defines who you and your peers are. Would you trust your peers with information that they couldn't give away, or would you be too nervous to give it to them because they would tell others? Trust defines your level of integrity, and what kind of person you are. My second most important value is self-respect. How can you respect others, if you can't respect yourself? You were put on this Earth for a reason, remember that. "Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave them everywhere."- Elvis Presley

My Multiple Intelligences

My top multiple intelligences are kinesthetic and visual. This means that for me to learn something and to believe something, I have to see it and get hands on with it. The best jobs for the kinesthetic side of me would be a criminal investigator, pilot, or detective. The best jobs for the visual side of me would be an architect, graphic designer, or a programmer.

My Skills

My best soft skill would be working with people and leading them. I like to get to know everyone's opinions and beliefs, then discuss them. I also like to be in charge and make decisions for others and myself. My best hard skill would be my knowledge and smartness. I value sports in life, but having a good education is worth more (in my opinion), so I try to make the most out of school, and so should everyone else!

My Career Cluster

My career cluster is Bussiness and Administration. I love to work with others and be in charge most of the time. That probably explains why I like to take on the boss role in groups. I just really like to be in charge, all of the time.

Activities I'm Involved With

I really like school, but I have to do more than just that. I am involved with the wrestling program at Southside Highschool, am on the Ramsey Quiz Bowl team (Placed 5th personally in regional all-stars), and play football for Ramsey. ) That's me holding the Quiz Bowl trophy on the right)

Ways To Improve

Improving yourself and your image is very important in today's world. Sometimes, you'll have a hard time, but remind yourself that there is a greater reason God put you on this Earth than to think about how bad things are going in your life. Someone once said, "Light a candle, don't curse the darkness". I live by this. Why complain about something when you can make it better? "There's always room for improvisation."- Satyajit Ray

What Makes me Proud?

I am proud that I live in the United States. I am guaranteed freedom, and I am grateful for that. I am also proud that I am being raised in the family that I belong to. I couldn't ever ask for a better family. Another thing that makes me proud of myself is my motivation. You wouldn't really see motivation being something that people could be proud of, but I am. I love my desire and drive to do something.

Personality Traits

My personality is organized but crazy at the same time. I can be mean, but only if I have to. I try to make friends, and that usually goes pretty well. My holland code is SEC-ESC, which probably means nothing to you, but that means a lot. My highest personality trait is enterprising, which doesn't surprise me one bit because I like to do business and be in charge. Some jobs that I could do with this personality trait would be a CEO, CFO, bussiness person, or broker. All of them seem pretty appealing to me!