Art 3A

for Mrs. Lorenze's Class

Lesson Objectives

  • Choose an ocean animal.
  • Research three physical features about the animal.
  • Draw the animal using overlapping.


30 minutes

Introduction and Instruction

5 minutes

Sea Animals


20 minutes

Sea Animal Planning / Drawing Worksheet

Use the top of the sheet to record your research. Write the name of your sea animal and list three of it's physical traits. The bottom half is to draw your sea animal.

Choose and Research an Ocean Animal

Using one or more of the buttons below search for an animal to use for your assignment.

Write down at least three physical traits about your animal on the provided worksheet.

Overlapping Apples: Short Art Education Video

Draw Your Animal

The following buttons contain step-by-step instructions to many sea animals. If you want, you can Google your animal and draw it from a photograph or a different site. Remember to use overlapping in your art to create an illusion of depth. Space is provided on the sea animal worksheet for your drawing.


Child Safe Google Search Engine


5 minutes

If you can not see the assessment form below, click on this link.


Additional activities you may choose to explore.

Mrs. Cherri Rutan

Southwest Parke Community School Corporation

Elementary Art Teacher at Montezuma and Rosedale

If you have questions about this lesson contact me by email. If you contact me on May 17th or 18th between 6-8pm, I will get right back to you (Include a phone number if you would like me to call.). You can email me any other time and I will email you back as soon as possible.

You can also have an adult send me a photograph of your artwork. I would love to see you work!