Sunita Sagar Fremont

Chief Operating Officer

Sunita Sagar of Fremont: Strengthening the Brand

As the COO of a growing franchising company, Sunita Sagar of Fremont seeks to both enhance and strengthen the brand of both Jack in the Box and Denny’s. The operational leader of eight Denny’s locations, and five Jack in the Box locations throughout the region, Sagar seeks to empower each individual operation with the infrastructure, staff and management it needs to be a high-quality brand representative, and to become stand-out performers that maintain a reputable and successful reputation for many years to come.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont, who has been in the professional restaurant franchising industry since 2007, has built a considerable restaurant business empire, one that includes 18 total restaurants and that serves to enhance and maintain the image of each company she is franchising with. Both Denny’s and Jack in the Box continue to benefit from the expert operational management and leadership she provides to each location under her purview, and to create longer and more loyal connections with customers throughout the area.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont promotes and enhances the strength of each company’s brand by continually delivering the leadership, management and oversight every location needs to meet objectives, provide excellent service to customers and surpass sales goals. A member of both the National Jack in the Box Franchise Association and the Denny’s Franchise Association, Sagar continues to advocate for each company’s success, and to help grow her firm into a local restaurant industry leader. Her commitment to the enhancement of each brand’s image has helped to drive the success of her franchising operation.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont: Franchising Since 2007

Sunita Sagar of Fremont got her first opportunity to run a franchise operation in 2007, when she was provide the chance to purchase a struggling Denny’s operation based in the community of Campbell, California. Since that time, Sagar has become a notable name in the restaurant franchising field, and is now charged with the management 18 different restaurant locations throughout the region.

A skilled entrepreneur and business operations expert, Sunita Sagar of Fremont, along with her husband, has built a very successful franchising empire, one that includes five Jack in the Box, five Baja Fresh and eight Denny’s restaurants, each of which continues to perform at a high level, and to provide customers continually high-quality service and unbeatable rates of customer satisfaction. In charge of a successful and burgeoning franchising operation, Sagar and her husband have proven the skill and acumen needed to thrive in a highly competitive industry, and to maintain and build on the success of multiple, fast-paced restaurant operations without fail.

With a focus on locating and employing the right personnel, eliminating inefficiencies and improving the quality of each operation, Sunita Sagar of Fremont has been able to drastically increase both sales and profitability of each location, and to build a franchising operation that has far exceeded even her own personal expectations. Now a considerable tour de force in the restaurant franchising field, both Sagar and her husband have proven their understanding of what it takes to make a restaurant successful, and have implemented the framework and infrastructure needed to be prosperous members of the industry for many years to come.

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Sunita Sagar of Fremont: Training a Successful Management Team

Since joining the restaurant business in August of 2008, Sunita Sagar of Fremont has proven the ability to not only be an excellent operational leader, but also a skilled and effective trainer of aspiring restaurant leadership professionals. An individual of considerable management skill, Sagar has demonstrated the traits of motivating and driven organizational mentor; someone who understands not only how to teach, but to also equip others with the skills, knowledge and training needed to achieve success in the management field.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont enjoys nothing more than being a source of training and mentorship to her fellow professionals, and to providing individuals the coaching and guidance they need to build a foundation for professional success. A restaurant franchisee and company COO for over seven years, Sagar understands what it is that drives a person to pursue a management position, as well as what they need to know to provide effective team leadership while meeting, and even exceeding, company objectives. She understands the characteristics found in a good organizational leader, and works to encourage and inspire skilled professionals to pursue their ambition with energy and enthusiasm.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont loves to use her management skills to benefit others, and to coach and train aspiring professionals towards success. A hands-on manager herself, she seeks to convey the importance of being an active, involved and optimistic team leader to everyone she trains, and to empower them with the knowhow and skills they need to exceed even their own expectations.

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Sunita Sagar of Fremont: Denny’s Operator and Franchisee

Sunita Sagar of Fremont is proud to be affiliated with the Denny’s corporation, and to be the Chief Operating Officer of eight successful Denny’s franchises throughout the region. Having become a Denny’s Franchisee in August of 2008, Sagar continues to invest herself in the operation of each Denny’s she oversees, and to represent the Denny’s name and reputation with both pride and distinction.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont has considerable responsibility when it comes to the management of each Denny’s operation, as she is charged with the operational oversight and management of every aspect of each particular restaurant. Not only does she provide expert assistance to the CEO, she also works towards the continued maintenance and improvement of the quality of service within each particular Denny’s franchise, establishing and enforcing the standards by which each restaurant operates and provides service. Her hands-on leadership works to protect and maintain the ongoing integrity and quality of each operation, and helps to drive increased sales and performance within every restaurant she manages.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont effectively communicates the objectives, values and strategies that have been at the core of Denny’s success right from the start. She monitors and reviews the progress, ensures the accountability and oversees the condition of each restaurant in order to make sure each restaurant is operating up to the Denny’s standard of quality, and has been a central figure in the turnaround and successful operation of each franchise since August of 2008. Her leadership and management skill have been ever so crucial to each operation’s success, and to the ongoing growth of her company.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont - Creating a Better Level of Service

Service is perhaps the most important aspect of any restaurant’s operation, as it works to ensure both customer satisfaction and loyalty well into the future. As a leader in franchise restaurant operations and COO of a leading restaurant franchise company, Sunita Sagar works both tenaciously and diligently to make sure each operation maintains the best level of customer service possible, and to retain maintain the highest levels of efficiency and competitiveness.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont understands the importance of making each restaurant customer feel wanted, needed and appreciated, which is why she seeks to employ only the best, friendliest and most skilled personnel in every restaurant business she oversees. By constantly working towards heightened levels of efficiency, and through the development of an infrastructure that empowers employees with the ability to meet objectives and exceed sales goals, Sagar helps to build, maintain and grow a franchise operation that has little to no equal I the restaurant franchising industry. By providing support and assistance to the company’s CEO, Sagar ensures aggressive and continual company growth that guarantees a successful business legacy for many years to come.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont, a member of the Denny’s Franchisee Association, or DFA, is guided by the profit, sales and growth objectives of her company, and provides the visionary team management and leadership needed to see those objectives through to completion. Her goal is to make sure the necessary operational controls, personnel and infrastructure are always in place, and that this framework is giving her Senior Leadership Team the tools, information and training needed to consistently provide the superior level of customer service her company has come to be known for.

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Requirments for A Chief Operating Officer

Sunita Sagar of Fremont has the right formula for running a successful business operation. For over seven years she has served as the Chief Operating Officer of a highly-profitable and growing restaurant franchise company. Sagar knows that it takes hard work and dedication to become a top company COO, and has fine tuned her skills throughout the years to ensure that the business objectives are continiously met both efficiently and effectively. She has helped build a great team of leaders and put the right infrastructure in place to assure success for many years to come.

As the Chief Operating Officer, Sunita Sagar knows what it takes to keep a company ruuning smoothly. It encompasses numerous responsibilities, whihc includes choosing the right management, all operational aspects and to make sure that customer service is always the main objective. One of Sagar's duties as the COO is to hire, train and oversee a Senior Leadership team that can be responsible for developing and implementing the plans necessary for the operational systems, hiring and managment of staff and follow through on all of the company’s objectives of growth. Beyond the day-to-day tasks, the most important aspect of a COO's job is to to try to continually improve and maintain the highest level of customer service. She is an active part of helping with the franchisor's continued drive for brand awareness and overseeing the acquirement and development of new businesses.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont always works to increase the effectiveness of each restaurant's operational succes by establishing the new strategies, values and objectives for each management team to business team to adhere to in an attempt to promote greater success. She is able to drive and adhere to company objectives by establishing the proepr budgets, plans and measurements for results needed to assure that each operation is running efficiently. Trough these measures, she is able to meet and surpass the company's sales objectives as often as possible.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont - Denny’s COO

In August of 2008, Suniate Sagar became a proud memeber of the Denny's organization and she continues to invest herself fully in each in Denny’s location that she oversees. Her goal is to assure that the Denny’s name and reputation is always associated with great service and excellent food. Sunita Sagar of Fremont is extremly happy to be affiliated with the Denny’s corporation. It's her duty as the Chief Operating Officer of eight successful Denny’s franchises throughout the region to maintain the compnay's ethics and mission statement.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont stays informed and involved in the day-to-day management of each Denny’s operation. She oversees the daily operations and management deatils of each one of her restaurant locations. She provides assistance to the CEO on decisions that affect the overall direction of the company, as well as assuring the continued upholding of the quality of service within each Denny’s franchise location. She knows that it's important to establish and enforce the standards that each location operates by and how they treat customers. Sagar has an energetic, hands-on approach to leadership and continiously works to works to maintain the integrity and product quality found within each operation. She also has a great track record for driving increased sales and performance within each location she manages.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont stands firm on effectively communicating the values, objectives and strategies that are at the core of the Denny’s corporation's success. She keeps close tabs on the daily progress of each restuarant and always ensures that each location is kept up to standards both internally and externally. She knows that it's important to always make sure that each restaurant is operating up to the Denny’s standard of quality. Sagar stept aboard to become a member of the Denny's franchise group in August of 2008. Since then, her leadership and management skill have been a driving force behind the operational success of each location and is helping to fuel her company's substantial growth.

Sunita Sagar of Fremont - Running A Successful Restaurant

The restaurant industry can be tough at times and it takes a very experienced managment professional to thrive within the market. Sunita Sagar has become an expert in the franchise restaurant industry. She is responsible for taking dozens of drowning local restaurant franchises from bankrupcy to successful, efficient and profitable businesses. It's through her hard work an stellar managment skills that she has been able to thrive in the restaurant industry for over seven years. Sunita Sagar knows how to overcome the many challenges and obstacles a restaurant franchise faces when trying to build a name. The industry is very competitive and one must always keep on top of the day-to-day operations.

Sunita Sagar is the Chief Operating Officer of a franchising company that cuurently has 18 regional restaurant under its wings, which includes numerous Jack in the Box, Denny’s and Baja Fresh operations throughout the region. Sunita Sagar of Fremont has quickly risen to become one of the top business operations experts. Sagar has a wide range of duties to preform on a daily basis as a COO, which includes overseeing day-to-day operations, attracting and hiring the right team members. She must always be able to meet, and even exceed the demands of a very competitive and ever changing marketplace. Her explarary skills as a team leader and a business planner have made her an invaluable part of the company. She is well-known for being a dynamic management professional among her colleagues and peers.

Sunita Sagar - Outside The Workplace

Sunita Sagar takes her position as COO very seriously. As the Operator and Franchisee of Denny's and Jack In the Box, she is responsible for managing all hands-on operational aspects of the company and assisting the CEO in the aggressive and successful growth of the company. Sagar employs an respectful, constructive and energetic style that is guided by the objectives of company. She provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization.

When not at work, Sunita Sagar Fremont enjoys many hobbies and has a number of interests, which include cooking, relaxing at home and seeing local entertainment. She loves non-traditional music and likes to listen to slow Hindi or English songs with meaning. Food and travel are also at the top of her list. Some of Sagar's favoriate cuisine include Thai and Chinese food. She has done some extensive travel to places like Mexico, Canada, India, NY and New Mexico. She doesn't play sports, but is a big supporter of the San Francisco 49er's. If she wasn't overseeing one of the top restuarant franchise's, Sunita Sagar says she would love to use her management skills to coach and train management team's to be successful. She is a very hands on person and likes to pay attention to the details. She spend lots of time planning the future growth and development of her franchises. She belongs to the Chamber of Commerce and Badrika Asram.

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