Alex Rodriguez

Me nombre es Ethan Caton

About Rodriquez

Se llama Alex Rodriguez.

Él tiene cuarenta años.

Sus Padres son de la República


Vive en Estados Unidos.

Él juega baseball.

Él juega para los Yankees

Le gusta jugar béisbol.

No le gusta perder.

Él es alto, fuerte, rápido, y hispano.

Él es marrón, fuerte, delgado, y alto.

Él está usando camisa del béisbol, calcetines del béisbol, pantalones del béisbol, y gorra de béisbol.


Factual- This depends for some people because lots of people wear clothes without caring, meaning that they just randomly choose a pair of clothes and wear it for the day. This is different for others to because some might wear clothes to reflect off of their lives.

Conceptual- People identify people a lot by looking at their clothes. This happens because some people might only wear one color or one type of clothing. An examples is like someone who always wears black v necks.

Debatable- No people should not be judged by their clothes because some may end up in those clothes without wanting to. Also clothes are always given stereotypes even though they are not tied to those stereotypes.

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