Thomas Jefferson


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Thomas' Childhood

He was born April 13,1747. His parents owned plantation named Shadwell. He loved reading and had a big collection of books at a young age.


Thomas Jefferson went to the Lewis and Mary University. He became a layer and had many hobbies. He was educated about many things and could have been anything.

As an Adult

He was in the Virginia legislator and he wrote the Declaration of Independence.He had many hobbies such as farming,inventing,writing, and deigning houses.By giving seeds to farmers, he improved America's agriculture.


Thomas Jefferson was our third president. In 1810, he he bought the Louisiana Territory expanding our country. After he bought the Louisiana Territory, he launched the Lewis and Clark expedition.


Thomas Jefferson died July 4,1826 on the same day John Adams died. It was also 50 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed.