What Is The Voting Process?

By Ankith Krishna.

Voting Intro.

Today we will be talking about the voting process Unites States. Voting is a right every citizen gets and is free of charge. There many reason people vote or do not vote.

Voter Qualifications.

- 18 years old.

- A citizen of the United States.

- Registered to vote in a state.

How Can You Register To Vote?

- You can register to vote at the DMV which is required by the National Voter R

- Finish the registration form.

- Mail, Email, Fax, Person.

North Carolina Registration Deadlines?

For 2016 the registration deadline is October 14th, 2016.

Not Available Registration.

You can register an absentee form if you are unavailable at time of voting.

New Voter ID.

People will need to show their ID before voting such as driver license/permit, identification card, passport, military identification, veterans identification, certain tribal enrollment.