The Romans And Christianity

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Where did it come from?

Christianity was born in a remote territory on the Eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. The Romans called this place Judea. The people there were called Jews. The Jews loved their homeland and worshiped one single God. This belief had made them different from the others surrounding them in the ancient world. It was once an independent place but was taken over by Rome in the year 63 B.C.E. As the Romans tried to govern Judea,though, the Jews rebelled them. When it was around 37 B.C.E, Rome appointed a man named Herod. He converted to the Jewish Religion but the Jews didn't trust him. They thought as him just being a puppet that the Romans used to get the Jews to do what they want them to do.

Some of the people that wrote the New testament in the Gospel:

Jesus and His Life

The Beginning of Life Of the Messiah.

First of all,You need to know who started Christianity. A couple named Mary and Joseph were walking towards the city of Bethlehem and Mary had a baby on the way. When they came to the inn,It was already crowded and they couldn't find a place to sleep. They were forced to stay in a stable and in there,he was born,Jesus Christ. Mary wrapped him up in pieces of cloth and and put him in a manger,which was a feeding box for animals. Humble shepherds were the only ones that came. According to the Gospel of Luke, The family returned home to Nazareth. Much little is said about Jesus's Childhood after this point. People think that he grew up like any other boy at that time. He learned his fathers trade, Carpentry, and he many have spent long hours studying the Jewish law and and writings.At the age of 12, he became fascinated in rabbis, or teachers, in the temple along with the wisdom and knowledge of Jewish law,According to Luke,that is.

Jesus's Teachings

According to the Bibles,Jesus's teachings were started in the City of Galilee. He first teaches in the Synagogues, Places of worship. As the Word Spread about him,Larger and larger crowds came to hear his word. He moved out to preaching to the streets and large and open places. As he did this,people called disciples followed him around. Disciples were people that spread the words of religious teachings. Jesus had based most of his teachings of of Jewish Teachings,But he had put emphasis on Love And Mercy. He had said that out of all the Jewish laws,"You shall love God with all your heart and All your soul." and "You shall love your neighbor as Yourself." Were the most important. One Of Jesus's ways of preaching was by telling Parables. These Were Simple stories that told a lesson. Many Jews Feared that he would stir up trouble. Others thought that what he was saying was wrong.

People Who Helped Spread Out The Word:

The Death and Resurection Of Jesus Christ

Even with all the fame that he was receiving,He knew something. His Enemies were going to go out and kill him. During the Last Supper,Judas,One Of his disciples,had decided to betray Jesus. After the Supper,Jesus had decided to pray in the garden. Judas Reported where he was and Jesus was led away. His Disciples Ran away from him. Jesus had gain a large following in Jerusalem. The Romans feared that he would lead a large revolt,so Pontious Pilate, the Governor of Judea , Had Ordered Jesus to die. The Romans took him to a hill outside the city and nailed him there. After hours of pain and suffering,he died on the cross. According to the gospels, Jesus rose from the dead. After rising from the dead,His disciples were now fully sure that Jesus was the son of man. Some time later,He went back up to heaven to be with his father. Finally,His disciples found the courage to spread the good news to others. A person named Paul was one of these people to spread the word of Jesus's teachings

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