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September 23, 2022

Another great week of learning!

Oak Crest Families,

This week our students really started digging into the challenge of learning. For us to learn, we need to be uncomfortable and that is not always fun or easy. Students are finding the value in this struggle. They are being pushed to work longer and harder and they are building endurance, skills, and understanding of what it takes to be great learners.

The implementation of our new literacy curriculum by teachers in grades 3-6 has produced some incredible learning. I have seen increased volumes of writing, participation in discussions, and curiosity in new concepts. In 6th grade math, the focus on being critical thinkers and problem solvers has helped kids develop number sense and build math skills that transfer to authentically to other aspects of their lives.

It has been an inspiring start to the year! Make sure you talk to your child about the new ways they have been learning this year and encourage them to keep up the good work! Have a great weekend!

Be You, Be RED!

Ben Tressel

Oak Crest Principal

Important Dates:

M Sept 26th (Day 1), T 27th (Day 2), W 28th (Day 3) Th 29th (Day 4), F 30th (Day 1)

  • Sept 26 - 5th Gr Field Trip to Cedar Lake Farms
  • Sept 27 - 2:15 All School Meeting
  • Sept 29 - Bus Safety Presentations
  • Oct 3-7 - Homecoming Spirit Week
  • Oct 4 - 2:15 Gr 3-6 Tiger Strong @ Gym
  • Oct 7 - Homecoming (All visit JSH for a 2:30 pep fest, end of day pick up at Chatfield)
  • Oct 12 - Picture Retake Day
  • Oct 20-21 - No School - Education MN Conference
  • October 24-28 - Wolf Ridge 6th Grade.
  • Nov 2nd - E-Learning Day (students stay home)
  • Nov 11th - Veteran's Day Program at Oak Crest - Spectators welcome
  • Nov 20th - THE FEAST - Community Event 11am-2pm @ Oak Crest

TIGER TARGET (Sept 26-30): I can celebrate help others feel valued.

Sometimes we are part of a group, or class, or school, and we still feel like an outsider. Inviting others is the first step, but then helping everyone feel valued, seen, and heard is the essence of inclusion. This can be done with genuine curiosity, empathy, listening, taking turns, celebrating the good in others, and avoiding judgement. When you have the chance to work with others this week, help them feel valued and truly a part of the team!


The week of October 3-7 is filled with school spirit as we celebrate Homecoming!

We celebrate a lot of different ways.

  • We have Dress-up days all week (themes to be shared Tuesday).
  • We will sell spirit wear throughout the week at the start of each school day. We will share what we have for sale with prices in the next newsletter.
  • We invite royalty over for our Tiger Strong assembly

The biggest event is Friday at 2pm, we travel over to the Junior/Senior High and join the Pepfest. Our kids get to experience and feel school spirit and pride and connect to the high school students playing, dancing and performing at the big events and games.

To make this possible, we change our transportation routines for one day.

  • White route, red route, walkers, and trailblazer will all be dismissed from the high school.
  • Parent pick up and Kids Co students will be escorted to Chatfield. The parent pick up line will be longer that day. Please prepare for that change by bringing your blue car sign.

A glimpse into a day at Oak Crest recess...

E-Learning Day: Wednesday, November 2

On November 2, 2022, PK-Grade 6 students will be involved in an e-learning day while the 7-12 students will continue to attend school in person.

Our elementary teachers have been implementing a new literacy curriculum PreK-6 and a new math curriculum in 6th grade. This day will be used to facilitate ongoing professional development so that they can provide the best instruction possible to your child(ren).

Oak Crest students will bring their iPads home on Tuesday so they have access to independent work for Wednesday’s learning. They will not be asked to join a zoom meeting. If you do not have wifi access for this day, please contact your child’s teacher so that appropriate resources can be sent home with them.

Kids Company is only available for students who are currently registered. We are not registering any new students to utilize this service for November 2.

Thank you for adjusting your schedule to make it possible for our teachers to continue to learn and grow. We value every minute we have with our students, this is why we have decided to utilize our distance learning skills to keep learning outside of our school walls. We are confident that this time for teachers is necessary for us to be our best, and it will positively impact each student in our elementary schools.

Be RED Ticket Drawing Winners

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If you are interested in helping out a classroom or teacher by providing some supplies that may make learning more fun and effective, check out the teacher wish lists with links to Amazon. In the past we had a giving tree, but we found that this is an easier way to send support and make your child's new teacher smile!


School Safety

You must bring your ID with you to enter our building as a visitor, volunteer, or to check your child out/in for the day.

Thank you for complying with this request to benefit the safety of ALL of our children.

Oak Crest Lunch Menu - September

Reminder - microwaves are not available for student use during the day.

We want you to work for our school!

We are short this year on substitute teachers and support staff. Occasionally, we need to fill a teaching position, or a paraprofessional, or even a nurse or office staff member. Being a sub for our school on occasion can earn you an extra few dollars and requires just a few easy steps, but it makes a huge difference in the lives of students! Plus you have the flexibility to work when you want!

If you are interested, visit our website : Belle Plaine Public Schools - Frontline Recruitment (applitrack.com)

You can also contact Amy Franck if you have any questions about the opportunities to help.


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Ben Tressel


Oak Crest Elementary

1101 W. Commerce Dr. Belle Plaine, MN 56011