Apollo Moon Landing

English 12 Day 50

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Who, What, When, Where, Why's.

NASA sent men to the moon and Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michale Collins landed on the moon and walked on its surface. The two major news media channels that covered it were CBS and ABC news.

Perspective #1

They recorded the event live back in 1969, they were airing the live feed on television when they first stepped foot on the Lunar surface. Afterwards they were talking about how amazing it was that they were able to go to the moon.
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Perspective #2

Now days, some people think the landings on Luna never took place. They think it was a hoax made by the government. They say the government created the environment and recorded it here on earth just to beat the Russians in the space race.
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Media Bias

If they are right about the conspiracy theories, they the media bias may have come from the government paying them to show people only certain things or letting the people see certain things, which would control what the public knows.

Criticism #1

This is through the lens of historical criticism, because we are looking back on an event that happened in the 1960's
First Moon Landing 1969