Guernsey College of FE Weekly Newsletter Issue 23

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Welcome to this weeks issue of ENGAGE. Thank you for your support. Keep talking.

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Dear Colleagues

In November I advised you of developments in the review of public sector pension schemes. I can now advise of further developments and the procedure which will now be followed.

The Association of States Employees Organisations has advised the employer that the members of their organisations have not, overall, endorsed the proposals which arose from the mediation process which took place in June/July 2014.

Following this regrettable development and as advised in November the Policy Council has confirmed it will recommend that the States implement its proposals which were detailed in September 2013. To be more precise the Policy Council intends to submit a report for consideration at the April States Meeting which will recommend as follows:

(a) that the revised pension arrangements detailed in September 2013* be introduced for joiners for whom the recruitment process commences from 1 May 2015;

(b) that the States apply to the Royal Court for a declaration to determine whether, as employer, it has the implied right to vary the terms of the scheme in a manner which adversely affects members’ right without their consent, and what (if any) constraints should apply to the exercise of that right; and

(c) subject to (b) then introduce the revised pension arrangements for current members

You can see details of the September 2013 proposals at http://bridge/hr/pensions (Newsletter 5).

(*I should mention one particular point. The September 2013 proposals included a staged amendment of contribution rates – effective January 2015 and 2016. As initially only new members would be involved and existing members would be unaffected during 2015, staging will not apply.)

I will keep you informed of future developments.

Simon Elliott

Chief Corporate Resources Officer

Maths Countdown (of the very tricky variety!)

How can you make 24 with the numbers 8, 8, 3, 3 using any amount or combination of the four rules +, -, x, ÷ and brackets. You do not need to use all four.

You cannot use squares, square roots or any other mathematical symbols. You cannot put the numbers together, eg 83 is forbidden.

Good luck! Answers to Carry


Please follow this questionnaire to leave your valuable feedback.



We have set a date for the next learning walk to be w/c 19th Jan. following on from our recent IPR and the discussions we had with John Bowditch from HMI Scotland. This learning walk will be a ‘showcase walk’ please can you ask your teams if they have anything they would like to be seen in relation to our projects: so it could be ‘tech for learning’, it could be around using targets or indeed Literacy and Numeracy but it might be something else.. it’s an opportunity for us to share practice and for a showcase of the amazing work that is going on in our College.

If you would like us to see a snapshot of your lesson or practice as part of the learning walk – please email time and location to Laura. laural@gcfe.net

Food for thought

Over the first 3 days of this week we had colleagues from the Business Community engaging with us through our Industry Focused forums. The sessions facilitated by Arnie Skelton produced much food for thought. You can find the notes from each day through the links below.




The College SMT is glad to welcome Susan Havis (Education Officer Post 16) from the education department who will be working flexibly from the Coutanchez Campus in the Administration Office, she can be reached on shavis@education.gov.gg Tel. 737500. Susan will be assisting the College over the coming months as we plan our way forward to implement our ambitious agenda for change

I look forward to being able to share with you our initial thinking and plans at 3pm on 29 January at the PRCPA.

I will also be available to answer any questions on the following dates/times:

30 January

Coutanchez 10 – 11am

LOC 14:15 – 15:15 and

Delancey 15.30 – 16:30.

If you cannot make any of these times, I will also be available, in the Committee Room at the Coutanchez Campus on Monday 2 February from 2pm – 4pm.

I wish you a restful weekend.

Saboohi Famili

Chief Executive and Principal


BTEC L3 in Engineering student Samantha Carre applies to go to The London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) see link for more details about the event. We all wish her the best of luck with her application.


43% of BTEC L3 Engineering students have applied for a university place!

In Hospitality and Catering, Steve welcomed to the kitchens, students from SSD who are learning new skills to help encourage them to consider a new vocation. A fine example of the College working within the community.

John Norman

Assistant Principal


Lorraine B, Ros R and Charlotte F were at the Institute of Health Stdies this week delivering a presentation and engaging in a workshop. The positive relationship that Health & Early Years have with the institute was further developed with the visit allowing steps towards more collaborative working and clearly identified progression routes for Health & Social Care students.

A great reason to celebrate after a very successful week for the Access department with the results from the Entry Level Functional Skills Examinations.

It was an 85% pass rate for the Entry Level 1 English exam and a fantastic 100% pass rate for English at Entry level 3 and also at Maths for Entry Levels 1, 2 & 3!! Congratulations to the students and a huge thank you to Jayne and the team for all their hard work in preparing the learners.

The Football Academy lads started their 2015 fixtures with a visit to the UK to face Bridgwater College on Wednesday. Despite battling hard they lost 5-2 and whilst they thought the defeat was enough to have to deal with for one day they ended up with 2 failed attempts at landing back in Guernsey and an unplanned night in a hotel in Southampton. The experience hasn’t deterred them though and they head back to the UK to face City of Bath College next Wednesday.

Competition appears to be hotting up in the Archery Enrichment session!!! After a first week defeat to Grace from the Hospitality & Catering department (who unfortunately is the only girl present) the L2 Sports lads came back fighting and Sam Masterman was overall winner of the week with a very impressive 109 points.

I will fall short of his literary prowess in commenting on him but praise needs to go to Phil. We have been a member of staff down for our literacy delivery since September and despite considerable effort to appoint to the post we have been unsuccessful. In the meantime Phil has held everything together (nothing more so than his sanity!) and co-ordinate the delivery to ensure the continued positive experience for the students in developing their skills. He does this with his ever present smile and positive outlook. We thank him and have learnt to cope with the sound of sobbing that comes from his office each evening.

The official UCAS deadline has come and gone this week and despite the considerable challenge that this process brings, the support and resilience of Sarah to manage the applications and support both students and tutors has been excellent. Numbers are yet to be confirmed but it is the vital first step onto higher learning for our level 3 students and we wish them the best with the offers that will soon be pouring in.

And finally … A warning!! Noel has passed his driving test this week so please be wary of a Blue Mazda careering between campuses as our ever pleasant and supportive IT bod rushes to your aid! Congratulations Noel.

Jeff Stuart

Acting Assistant Principal


ICSA Qualification

Yvonne will be launching the new Level 4 ICSA International Financial Award and Certificate next Tuesday at the Guernsey ICSA branch event being held at Moores Hotel at 6.30pm

Young Sportsperson Award of the year 2015

Robbie Garner, one of our business studies student has been nominated for this prestigious award for golf – fingers crossed for Robbie

Unconditional offer

Aubrey Bound, one of the business studies students has impressed his tutors by receiving an unconditional offer from Bournemouth University to study International Business, and also had an offer from Southampton Solent – all within days of sending off his application! The team say they are thrilled for Aubrey, he is a delight to teach and demonstrates real commitment and hard work.

Flexi Open Day

Flexi had one of their most successful Open Days on Monday with 20 learners enrolling on the day plus a lot of interest. Sue and Mich think they had at least 100 visitors! Well done Sue & Mich

Jane Le Poidevin

Assistant Principal

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Kurtis Richards is coming in to the Coutanchez Campus on Tuesday 13th January to talk to to students regarding the forthcoming Global Game Jam (23rd-25th Jan 2015) . Kurtis comes with a wealth of experience including participation in numerous previous Game Jams as well as earning second place in the Make Something Unreal Live 2013 finals.

The talk is scheduled to take place in room C102 and students should arrive promptly at 5pm for a 5:15pm start.

If you are interested in attempting to designing and make a game over the weekend of 23rd-25th Jan 2015, please email me (danh@gcfe.net)

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Rod is fab! thanks for all the help!

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Gent's urinals in work shop block are disgusting and the sinks are never cleaned - the urinals and sinks are cleaned often, unfortunately this is a working area and the sinks will constantly need cleaning.

Lets try to reduce costs by designing forms to one side of paper rather than having two sides (Learner Voice)


Only crisps, and fruit pastilles in vending machine again (11/1/15). Nothing to eat for evening classes!

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22 January 2015 NT Live Treasure Island 7.00pm

29 January 2015 Andrea Chénier live from the Royal Opera House 7.15pm

Tickets available from www.guernseytickets.gg or the Box Office on 749999

Please contact Kerry if you wish to steward for any of these events.


We have been provided with a new milk fridge courtesy of the Catering Dept not needing it anymore, this has been clearly signed for MILK ONLY. The other fridge should be used for food, whether this is your lunch or food bought from the Catering Dept. Please note that you should ensure you do not leave any food in this fridge, be vigilant in checking the date on your items and throwing away if necessary. Any food found to be out of date will be dsposed of. The Caretaking team have very kindly agreed to give the staff room kitchen facilities a very good once over in the coming weeks. Please make sure you do your bit to keep this communal area nice and clean and tidy.

IOD Management Shadowing Awards Presentation Level 3 1st Year students only

Tuesday, Jan. 27th, 12:45pm

Les Ozouets Campus

‘ Business Studies are looking forward to meet with the IOD representatives showcasing the ‘ Management Shadowing Opportunities, it is open to First Year Level 3 learners who are interested in undertaking a three day work shadowing’.

Other Level 3 learners who wish to attend the presentation, please join us in L112/3 at Les Ozouets Campus 12.45 Tuesday 27 January 2015’

The college contact for those who decide to undertake the Management Shadowing is Yvonne M Tanner, Business & Finance Programme Manager, yvonnet@gcfe.net. Please let me know if you are attending, due to room capacity.

Need Admin help and support?

Need to finish typing up that document? Need help preparing a report or spreadsheet? Require a mailshot to all of your students? Make use of the College's newly established enthusiastic & energetic Admin Support Team, use this email adminsupport@gcfe.net