By: Kasey Costa

What are Cloves?

Cloves are the flower buds of the myrtaceae tree.
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Botanical Information

Cloves are the bud of the flower.

Culinary Uses

Mainly cooked in Asian, African, and Mexican foods and can also be used when cooking some fruits. This spice also goes well with cumin and cinnamon because of its savory taste. This spice is used dried.

Recipe- Poked into honey glazed ham while cooking to add flavor. Then removed once cooking process is complete.

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Health Benefits

Cloves contain an active component called Eugenol. This can prevent toxicity from environmental pollution. It can also prevent joint inflammation. Dentists often use cloves as an anesthetic.

Fun Facts

  • Theres an old saying that reads, "Cloves must see the sea to prosper." This means cloves grow best on the coast.
  • Some planters perform rituals before planting the myrtaceae tree.