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Happenings from August/September 2017

Welcome Back!

The library is up and running and things are already busy! Third-fifth graders completed orientation and had a great time reviewing what they learned on the Quizzz app. PK-2 have been learning all about book care and how to borrow books.

Dot Day

On September 15, the entire school celebrated International Dot Day. It is inspired by the book "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds. The book teaches us that everyone is important no matter what and encourages us to go out and make our mark in the world.

Library Leaders

We have a fantastic group of fourth graders helping out in the library this year. They assist with various library duties such as shelving, turning in books and setting up for events. We are thankful for them and they help us keep the library operations running smoothly!

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Author Visit

Fourth and fifth grade were treated to a visit from the author Diana Lopez. She spoke about what it takes to create a story and where she gets her inspiration. She used her book, "Nothing Up My Sleeve" to highlight the process. Each teacher was given an autographed copy from the library to read aloud to their class. Ms. Lopez has a new book coming out on October 10th, It is inspired by the Pixar Animation Studios' upcoming movie Coco.

This visit was sponsored by Library Services and we really appreciate them doing this for our campus.

We're Smart About Book Care!

Kinder and first grade demonstrated their understanding of how to take care of their library books by completing an activity on the Smartboard. They were required to sort different photos of good or bad things for books to the correct area. Prior to the activity, we read a story about how animals shouldn't borrow library books.
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Library Information

  • 24 instructional days.
  • Total items checked out 1,038
  • 19 Overdrive Checkouts
  • 68 total classes taught. Classes focused on library orientation, book care, listening skills, magnets and Dot Day.
  • 28 classes came in for check out only.
  • 340 walk-ins

Upcoming events-

Literary Pumpkin Patch & Fall Book Fair

Don't forget about using Overdrive to check out ebooks!

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