Wilson Weekly

Back-To-School Edition

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Welcome Back

Everyone take a deep breath...

Alright. You've got this! The days leading up to the 1st day are stressful and jam-packed, but they're also exciting and new.

Jordan and I are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and starting the year off with a bang. We'll see you Tuesday morning!

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Action Items

  • Enneagram Assessment - Prior to Tuesday morning, please click on the Enneagram Assessment button below, and take your Enneagram test. It only takes a few minutes. Make sure you can access your results for something we'll work on together on Tuesday!
  • Schoology- This school year we are so excited that all things WILSON ( CTT folder, Intervention Services Folder, Campus Information, and Professional Learning) will be housed in our Wilson Faculty 2019-2020 Schoology Course. If you aren’t already enrolled in our course, the code is: H9TXV-MBQXX
  • Handbook - The Wilson Staff Handbook may be accessed in our Wilson Schoology Course (Schoology info below). To acknowledge that you've received and reviewed it, please complete the Schoology "assignment." The assignment is titled Wilson Handbook. Once you have read it, answer the question TRUE! The assignment is "due" September 3rd.
  • Wilson Staff Selfie- Drop a selfie in folder linked below! Don't ask why. :) When you add your selfie to folder, make sure to upload it as a FILE! Just click upload file and drop it in the folder!
  • Sched - Sign up for district PD sessions (Aug 7 & 8) using the button below.
  • Need Help? - The Fellowship Kids team is wanting to help our staff during our work days. If you would like help, please click below to sign up!
Enneagram Assessment

The easiest way to “bring” your results is to save the 2 page PDF page that will be in the email you receive afterwards.

Staff Selfie Folder

Upload as a FILE.

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Back to School Parent Guide

We've created a Parent Back-to-School SMORE with all the important dates, etc for our parents. Feel free to share it via Twitter or any other way you'd like!


Wilson Outlook Calendar

Have you joined yet? Here are the instructions on how to add the Wilson calendar to your Outlook. . If I have not received an email that you were added to our Wilson Calendar, please let Jordan know!
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Aug 5th - Aug 12th Schedule

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August 12th & 13th Rotations

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