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January 20th - 24th

We're closing in on the end of 1st Semester. Great job everyone! There have been lots of changes we've all had to navigate and our families have been amazing in their flexibility. Thank you all!

We have a lot going on in San Diego! Be sure to check out the 12 upcoming field trips listed below, including Frozen at Pantages Theater and a Charter School Padres vs the Dodgers game. Also check out the Field Trip Tip below! Never be without that important field trip information again.

We also have a few new items in our Parent Resource section. Access Inspire's Academic Videos and the Parent Testing Resource Website to help your students excel! All the details can be found below.

Have a fabulous last week of semester 1!

Field Trip Tip

It can be difficult to remember the dates and times of field trips we've booked, but you can find all the details on Inspiration Station by following these steps:

1. Log in to and you will see “Hi (your name)” on the top right, with a little drop down arrow next to it. *Tip: if you're on your phone, just turn it horizontally and this will show.

2. Press the arrow and it will offer the option of viewing “My Account.”

3. Click on "My Account" and it will list all of the field trips you have signed up for. This includes all the links to the pages where you signed up, so you can find the lead teacher's name, email address and phone number!

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Kindergarten Graduation

Do you have an amazing little kindergartener that would be interested in participating in a kinder graduation? Please click the button below and let us know!

Upcoming Events & Field Trips


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Click on the pictures below for all the details!

Disney's Frozen at Pantages Theater

Los Angeles

Thursday, January 30

Community Connections

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Click on links for registration information

Click here to register for Serve Songs to Sensational Seniors

Click here to register for Jack's Pond Nature Center

Be sure to check out all of the amazing opportunities our Community Connections offer! You can click here to check out their website! You can also click the button below to check out their monthly newsletter.


Academic Video Library

Did you know you have access to Inspire's academic video library? These videos are available to support students in reading, math, and speech and can be accessed through the EOS!

Instructions to access Academic Video Library can be found here.

Parent Testing Resources Website

The Parent Testing Resources website is complete and ready for you to check out! Here you can find information about the assessments that Inspire offers to its students. Inspire hopes to partner with parents to help students be as successful as possible. We hope you find the resources on this website helpful to increase your understanding of the assessments we give and empower you to prepare your child as they come upon these tests during their educational career.

California Homeschool Parent Association

CHPA is a nonprofit organization consisting of Inspire homeschool parents who support Inspire Charter Schools’ mission and vision of parent choice and personalized learning for each unique child. CHPA strives to enhance and support the homeschool experience of each child, develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement, and increase options and improve the environment at Inspire Charter Schools through volunteer and financial support.

Here are ways to get connected -

The Facebook page link is here and the website is here.

Find your home group location and get connected to families in your community today!

Karmen & Rachel

We are your local Family Liaisons.

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