The One

By Mikayla Bell

My book talk for Mrs. RIpley's class

So I'm reading the book called the one. It's the third book to the series. I'll tell you a little about the book, before I tell you the powerful part. The book takes place in Illea. In Illea is a monarchy. When the prince is old enough to get married, a selection will be held. 35 normal girls entered the competition to win his heart, and only one can win. America just decided she actually wants to marry Maxon. So she tries to get Maxon to like her. Maxon laughs at her because, he knows that's not really who she is. My conclusion is, when you want someone to like you. You should be yourself. The powerful thing about that, is people like you for you. Here is the powerful part in the book. "What's so funny?" I asked horrified, trying to think of an inconspicuous way to check my breath. "Of everything you've done, this is by far the most entertaining!" Maxon bent over, hitting his knee as he laughed. "Excuse me?" He kissed me hard on my forehead. "I always wondered what it would be like to see you try." Thank you for reading.