Hawk Talk

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Hello Hawks! I am excited by the questions each of you are bringing regarding math instruction. Your questions show that you are reflecting on your teaching, our data, and what we want math instruction to look like for our students because they deserve the very best. As you brainstorm, keep the following things in the forefront:

*mathematical practices (learn them, love them, live them)

*common core flipchart (what standards do we focus on, what should students be able to do)

*pre-assessment and post-assessment --- really solid assessment data should be used to guide instruction

Remember, we want to become experts at responding to our students needs. In order to do that, we have to clearly identify our learning targets, assess our students frequently, and adjust our instruction along the way to make sure we get to the target. This takes a time investment from the teacher --- but it is critical and absolutely worth it. Thank you for your investment in our students and your reflective practices to help you adjust your thinking as we approach math instruction!

Last week, you had the opportunity to meet with your district grade level committee. I would love for each of you to share a quick summary of what work you accomplished with your grade level. We will take time to do this at our early release meeting this week. You have one other assignment for early release...read the Twitter section of this flyer carefully to find out more....

Let's switch gears to writing. Did you hear that Lucy is in town? She is coming to St. Louis in December. Dream come true right? I am excited to share that Dr. Porter was quick to reserve spots for each building at this training, allowing two teachers from every elementary to attend the training. I would love to send you all --- but as a district, we have to limit the number of substitutes according to district guidelines, and will have a large number of subs committed with two teachers from every building attending. Diane File and Kendra Guyer will be attending these workshops. I know they will bring back lots of great information from their time with Lucy!

*A few nuts and bolts to point out for the week:

-Progress reports will be emailed to parents on 9/25 --- approximately one week ago you received an email reminder of when grades are due. You may also find this information in your staff expectations guide (which you can find in your shared with me tab in Google drive).

- For grades 2-5, we have finished one round of eValuate assessments in Math and ELA. How are we using that data to inform our instruction? Be mindful of this as you reflect on your data.

-All classroom teachers should have received your copy of the book Reading Strategies from Jennifer Serravallo. Please keep this resource in mind as you plan your instruction for small groups and strategy groups in reading.

-Last reminder is simple: Bring a positive attitude each and every day. Remember, you get back what you give -- let's make sure we are giving our students a positive attitude each day so that they will mirror that back!


Yes...time for the twitter soap box. This week I want to flip the soap box --- it's your turn to share! Who are you following on Twitter? Why? If you find yourself drawing a blank....no worries --- use the power of the internet to do some light reading on Twitter and find someone you think is brilliant! We will start our early release meeting this week with favorite tweets from Twitter --- which means I need your help. Your assignment is simple: Find a tweet that you love, bring it to our early release meeting, and be ready to share. We will take time for each person to share their tweet and why it caught their eye. I can't to hear what you find!