Andes Mountains

By Lindsey Godwin

The Andes Mountains are the largest range of mountains in the world. They stretch from Cape Horn to Panama over the west coast of South America. It is 4,500 miles and is next to the Himalaya Mountains. Many peaks of the Andes are over 20,000 feet. In Spanish, you say 'Cordillera de Los Andres', which means Andes Mountain Range.

Many of the high mountains of Andes are volcanoes. Some of which are active and some are not. The high peaks of the Andes are covered by glaciers, even the ones close to the equator. The largest of the glaciers are located in southern Chile. The Parana and the Orinoco rivers both have tributaries coming form the Andes Mountains.

The Andes have ruins of long-ago civilizations. The famous bird of the Andes is the Andean Condor. This is also where you can find Malaria treatment. The Himalaya Mountains and the mountains next to them are the only mountains that are taller than the Andes. One of the most famous animal known to live in the Andes is the Chinchilla.

The Andes - The Most Beautiful Mountains - Mendoza, Argentina - (English - Full HD)