Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

By Claire Lanuza

Biographical Information

  • Born on December 27, 1525
  • Born in Palestrina, Italy
  • He moved around a lot and had many jobs including:
  • Leader of the boys choir
  • He published a book
  • Director of Seminario Romano
  • Leader of the chapel choir
  • He was a very successful man
  • He died on February 2, 1525
He did not represent secularism because he is all about religion and secularism has nothing to do with religion.
Palestrina - Lamentations for Holy Saturday

Lamentations for Holy Saturday

It is unknown exactly when Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina created this song. This song has a beautiful medley of voices that flow perfectly together. The use of only voices was one of the reasons why this piece was so interesting during the time period. This song does not represent secularism because it is very closely related to religion and secularism has nothing to do with religion.

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