The Joy of Reading

Reading books is fun and easy to do!

How to make reading fun

  • Listen to audio books
  • Make connections
  • Find a quiet area to read in
  • Read with friend
  • Read at night when your not tired
  • Read when your bored

Different Book Genres

Lots of different genres are out there like Science-Fiction, Fiction, Fantasy, Non-Fiction,, and there is also Mystery etc.

Steps to finding a good book

  1. Find out what types of book there
  2. Choose a book from one of the category's
  3. Read the brief on the back or on the inside cover
  4. Sit down in a nice quiet place and enjoy your book.

Different book genres

Why teenagers don't read

  • Sports
  • Extra Curricular activities
  • School/non-school clubs
  • Homework
  • It's not fun anymore
  • Some people think its a waste of time
  • Boring
  • Rather be outside