Upstander Project

People need to be heard!

My Goal

My goal coming into this project was to raise awareness for bullying/cyberbullying. I have a tweet out asking people for help to raise awareness, you should tweet out too!

Empowering Others With No Voice

Empowering others with no voice means speaking up for others who can't because are too shy, or just can't be heard in general. People can actively give others a voice by raising awareness for bullying, or anything related to bullying, and or help people get back on their feet and making them feel stronger than before.


An upstander, to me, is a person or people who stand up for cyberbullying, or bullying in general and help overcome that bump in the victim's life. Basically, someone who sees a wrong and acts upon to counteract that wrong.

Indicators Of Bullying

  • Decreased Self-Esteem
  • Eating Habits
  • Loss Of Interest In Mostly Everything

Indicators of Cyber Bullying

  • Decreased Self-Esteem
  • Deleting Accounts
  • Isolation

How To Be An Upstander

Being an upstander is simple, the internet should be a safe fun place for people to come and enjoy themselves. Here are some examples to help you become an upstander.

  • Act upon haters or trolls and confront them
  • Look for bully victims and help them get a voice for themselves again
  • Look for wrongs on the internet and make them right

Ways To Seek Help

There are many different ways to seek help, as shown in my Haters and Trolls Smore.

  • Seek help from an admin of the website, or simply report them
  • Speak to an adult

Local Resource On Bullying/Cyber Bullying

Here's a local resource in Binghamton on how many got bullied, overcame it, and explaining what bullying is and what it does to you. Click here!

National Resource On Bullying/Cyber Bullying

Here's a National Resource on how people all around the world have gotten bullied and overcame it. Click Here! That link has all facts, how you can tell bullying is occurring, and a lot more!

Online Resource of How to be an upstander

This link is near perfect to describe how to be an Upstander. From giving examples of each way to be an Upstander, to explaining what an Upstander is. It's really helpful and I think it should be known more world-widely. Click Here!

My Challenge For You!

My challenge for the audience is to tweet out telling other people to raise awareness for cyberbullying/bullying. Give them tips on how to raise awareness and spread the positivity!
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