Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club

Living The Perfect Retirement Life

So, you’re looking to retire, huh? It’s a great time in your life, possibly the best time that you will ever have. What sort of retirement do you see? Are acres and acres of golf courses and waking up in the middle of the day for a tee time on your schedule? Or lazing around with your loved ones on the beach?

If you’re looking for the perfect retirement life that includes both the beach and golf, consider Vero Beach, Florida. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Why is Vero Beach special?

Vero Beach is very special indeed. It’s a small community that contains all of the amenities that anyone would ever need for their retirement. The most well-known part of Vero Beach is just north of the town, which is the seaside town of Orchid.

Orchid Island is a low-density, private community that has about 600 acres of island land. It has everything that you can imagine, and it’s nestled between the Atlantic Ocean (to the east) and the Indian River, making this island the perfect little retirement spot.

What golfing is available?

If you’re looking for golf courses, we’ve got them. Several hundred acres of Orchid Island are dedicated to golf courses that offer you and your friends the fun and relaxation that every golf course should offer. Orchid Island’s exclusive Golf and Beach Club will make sure that you enjoy your golfing experience – putt after putt.

Not only that, but you can consider living in one of their exclusive golf course homes. Golf course homes offer safety and security in a comfortable living area that you will enjoy coming home to day after day during your retirement.

What about the beaches?

You may know people who have lived on the beach, and many of them complain of tourists. Tourists can definitely make the beach life difficult. But what if you had miles upon miles of private beach to enjoy, with every amenity and eating place that you could imagine? That sounds a lot better than crowded beaches during the summer, doesn’t it? That’s what you can get in Vero Beach as well – Orchid Island offers waterfront homes, and the Golf and Beach Club will help you enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

If you’re looking to live the perfect retirement life, consider Vero Beach, Florida, as an option. You will not regret taking a look into it.

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