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I saw the tweet above this week, which reminded me of our current loss. As we work with students and adults, we need to be reminded that people do not always need a pep-talk or to be reminded to look on the bright side of things. People often need someone to be there when they go through difficult times. They need people to show up. This idea is a good reminder for us all as we go into the weekend. To be able to be successful as a school, we need to show up. Our students need us to show up for them each day, and we need to show up for each other each day. If you know someone that is struggling, students or staff, show up for them as we wrap up this semester. This is the only way we can continue to put our mission into motion.

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions: 🙌🏽

Thank you to:

  • our district social workers and school counselors for providing amazing support to students and staff this week.
  • National Honor Society for the Hallway Holiday decorations


Grateful Friday Challenge 🎉

Week 16: Grateful Friday Challenge

Good morning, Friday! We are grateful to see you again Friday. Friday, it might be a tough call, but you might be my favorite day of the week. It is the first Friday in December, which means we are in the home stretch, and another break is right around the corner.

I was reminded of this quote from Dale Carnegie’s book: How to Win Friends and Influence People during the week. “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Your #SHSGFC is to try to use every student's name in your classes today. It could be as easy as a hello as they walk into the room, addressing them during a conversation in class, as you call on them to answer a question, or to celebrate a thought that they added to the class. Regardless of the manner, see if you can say them all. Make it a goal, keep track, and let’s see if every student in our building can be personally addressed multiple times by their name today. I am sure our students will be grateful for the efforts to personally acknowledge each and every one of them during the day.

With banners flying as we go…


180 Days of Learning

Amanda Schnepp

Mrs. Schnepp's Biology students are studying cells. In this process, the students are looking at the role of osmosis in cells. Students are preparing for the "gummy bear lab." Students will place gummy bears in different concentrations of salt solutions in the science lab. The students will then examine these gummy bears during the following class and use them as a model to understand how take in water through the process of osmosis.

Sam Hanley and Mike Klopfenstein

Author Bobby Hawthorne visited with Mr. Hanley's and Mr. Klopfenstein's publications students throughout the day on Thursday. Along with Mr. Hawthorne, Kipp Indy Legacy High School students also attended as a partner in the event. Mr. Hawthorne spoke to students about the writing process and worked with editors for our publications on how to coach our publications teams in writing. SHS students also worked with Kipp students to share ideas and processes used in their publications.

Jessi Walpole

As part of the writing process, Mrs. Walpole is meeting with individual students in writing workshops. As students are working on a paper, Mrs. Walpole met individually with each student to help develop better ideas and to provide individual feedback on their writing practices. Students in the class continued developing their papers while Mrs. Walpole helped individual students improve their final product.

Hiba Al Awada

Mrs. Al Awada's students are writing essays on racism and discrimination. Students had choice on whether they interviewed someone about these topics or wrote a personal perspective essay about their experiences. Mrs. Al Awada worked with individual students to help them take their interview or personal ideas so they could develop those into an essay on the topic.

Rachel Haley

An important part of our physical education programs is teaching swimming and water safety to our students. Mrs. Ancelet's ninth grade PE students have been in the pool recently learning these life-saving skills. Groups are grouped based on their ability levels, and our physical education teachers provide advancement in skills from basic swimmers to advanced swimming techniques.


Educational Humor 😁

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