New Orleans

City of Tradition


New Orleans is a city of great culture and lots of diversity. It has been hit by hurricane Katrina and has one of the highest crime rates in the United States. The city's food is very full of spice and has one of the most famous streets in the United States. New Orleans also has above ground tombs every where . This is a a very interesting place to visit, this is New Orleans.


New Orleans history is unlike any other. The city was originally claimed by the French when the new world had just begun to become the place to go. It was then taken over by the British were they let the French stay. Then when the United States became a country they bought the state of Louisiana and several more with the Louisiana purchase. Which included The city of New Orleans.
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French Quarter

The French Quarter is a key attraction for New Orleans. This piece of history was built when the French tried to settle here before the Louisiana purchase. This area has several attractions inside of it like, cafe De Moun , the French Market and Bourbon Street. This is one of the most popular places to visit.

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The aquarium

When the hurricane hit New Orleans one of its most popular attractions was damaged, it's roof was then repaired. The aquarium is one of their most popular attractions with an IMAX theater attached to it. Several years later they opened a bug exhibit next to it. It continues to be a very fun and popular attraction.

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Ghost tours

This is a vey popular attraction across the city with its above ground tombs for dead citizens or swamp tours it's a fun thing to do. One popular illegal tour is of the abandon Six Flags that got flooded by hurricane Katrina. It has been abandoned since the Hurricane hit and will probe lay be their for many years to come. Nobody has even attempted to repair it wonder if the swamp it was once on will take back it's land.

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This was once a vey common practice by slaves to get revenge on their owners. This once feared practice is now a very popular series of museums in New Orleans. It is now widely accepted in the city and is very popular. They us alley names these museums after famous voodoo users of the city. Some are found in the French quarter.

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St Louis Cathedral

This church was built when the French settled in New Orleans. When the United States came it stayed as a church. It is now a tourist attraction and one of the most iconic places in New Orleans.
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In New Orleans food is very important to the city. Mostly sea food and Cajun food is popular their and is used quite often. Hot souse is available at every restaurant in the city and is one of the most important parts of their culture.


This city is a wonderful and fun place as you can see. There so many things to do in one attraction., like The French Quarter. This city also united after hurricane Katrina and has become a much stronger city due in part to that. In conclusion New Orleans would be a wonderful place to go for a vacation with all kinds of attractions.