Experimental Physicist

Emily Preuss

Job Description

Conduct experiments and observe result to gather information.

Typical Day

Conducting experiments and either getting frustrated that it does not work or getting data.

Education Required

Ph.D in Physics

Involve Physics

You conduct experiments for only the field of Physics

Pay Scale

$50,283 - $139,402

Where The Job is Available

In any Research Laboratory


Tri Alpha Energy

Rush University Medical Center

E Ink Corporation

Air Force

Brookhaven National Laboratory


University of California, Santa Cruz

Total Monthly Salary: $8,115

Technology: $400

Groceries: $400

Car Payment: $700

Gas: $300

Car Insurance: $200

Apartment: $1700

Utilities: $400

Health Insurance: $150

Entertainment: $700

Clothing: $400

Misc.: $400

Savings: $2365