LV Technology

By: Melanie Ripley

Typing Web

  1. We learned to type with accuracy.
  2. The website helped us advance in typing.
  3. I enjoyed The website because It challenges you to do better.


  1. I liked doing the iTrailer because I liked seeing how it turned out.
  2. We had to put photos together to create an eye catching trailer.
  3. The iTrailer helped us express our creativity.

Haiku Deck

  1. I liked Haiku deck because we were able to explain our dream job.
  2. We learned more about our dream jobs.
  3. The class learned more about presenting for people.

Explain Everything

  1. I learned how to explain things clearly.
  2. The project also helped us do things step by step.
  3. We chose math problems to explain.

Career Locker

  1. The website helped us to start thinking about our future.
  2. We learned facts about different careers.
  3. I liked the website because it makes thinking about schools and careers fun.


  1. The class learned how code make websites and programs.
  2. We learned a lot about computers, and that they read code to work.
  3. I really enjoyed coding because we were learning about code while playing games.