The history of Trumpet, by Rece Butler

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Creation of the Trumpet

The early trumpets was made from the horns or tusks of animals or cane. By 1400 B.C. the Egyptians had developed trumpets made from bronze and silver, with a wide bell. People in India, China, and Tibet also created trumpets, which were usually long and telescoped.

Music that features the trumpet.

Trumpets are in many popular songs of today. They are also in jazz, symphonies, ballets, and many more. Several movie songs feature trumpets. Star Wars and Indiana Jones are two examples of very popular movies with trumpets in them.

Why I think Trumpets are cool.

I grew up seeing trumpets every where in cartoons, movies, and more. Now I'm in 7th grade and playing in a band. Learning to play different music on the trumpet is a great experience. It can be challenging sometimes but rewarding.

Different kinds of trumpets

Trumpets in the making

It took a long time to make the trumpets of today. It was a long and hard process but the trumpet has embedded itself into music culture of today. The picture below is a trumpet in development.
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