The Mystery of the Blood Diamonds

BY: Autumn O'Shields, Mallory Strong, Mattision Tenry

Background Information: What are these 'Sacred' blood diamonds?

-diamonds illegally traded to fund conflict in war torn areas particularly in Central and Western Africa...

Plot Summary: Jessie's side of the story

Each breath brought sudden shivers even in the warm sun; this was wrong. I knew it, but the question was- did I care? Scattering across dozens of Africans in the city, I attempted to fit in, act normal, basically not get caught. The mission was to bring the precious diamonds to a group who would trade it in turn to gain money... You see, my husband, was apart of the group and I was doing anything I could to show him my love- in this case: doing something illegal. He could care the heck less about all the war and conflict; we wanted the money; we wanted what goes on behind the war- the illegal trading that made us rich.

Why should YOU come see this?

Even though this story may not seem extravagant, as the story goes on it becomes better and better. Eventually getting caught, the police end up searching for this 'Mystery girl' as she travels around the country to get to the group (which included her husband) who would end up buying the illegal diamonds. Not only is this a mystery, but also a love story including action, adventure, and horror all at the same time; this movie is one all viewers will want to see.

Why would Hollywood want to buy this movie?

Not only is this movie perfect for all types of friends, but it's also good for any age group from 1 day old to 187 years 'young'. It has all the action, romance, and mystery you could ever want while maintaining amazing actors that everyone wants to see- Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence just to name a few! They won't be able to resist.