Environmental Officer

By - Makenna Agen

What is it? + What are some of the Environmental officers' duties?

An Environmental Officer is someone who goes out to calls of pollution incidents or gas leaks and makes sure that all of the garbage and waste of companies and cities in general, gets to where its supposed to go. A typical work day/week is as followed - You have to be able to work in an office about 4 out of 5 days a week. - You need to be able to check waste ( mostly Garbage) transfer stations to check to see that they are up to date. - You have to go from your office to other businesses to make sure that they are disposing of hazardous waste correctly. - Also you need to have computer skills so that you can type reports and check for important emails. Overall this job has a variety of different things that you need to be able to do.

Environmental relationship between the environment and job -

This job makes sure that the garbage and hazardous waste end up in landfills and not in the air and water, killing the environment. Without this job filled, you would probably have to spend more money on fruits, vegetables, fish, and meats. This is because without fresh water, you wouldn't be able to grow/feed these things. So in reaction to that the farmers will have to pay for fresh water, making it so that it so that it costs more for fresh fruits and veggies. All in all,this job keeps the water and air clean, making life easier for us and for all of the animals, that would otherwise be in danger.

Advantages/Disadvantages -

Advantages- An advantage to this job would be that you would get to have the best of both worlds. Working in an office, and hopping from place to place, making sure that the air and water stays clean. Another cool thing about this job, would be knowing that you are potentially saving lots of animals, and even humans! Also you get to do things that you would never do otherwise.

Disadvantages- Unfortunately there are also some disadvantages to this job. One big disadvantage that I can think of right off hand would be, having to go and look through trash every so often. It wouldn't always be so bad, because I don't have a week stomach. But everyone is different. Therefore some people, would probably not be able to take this particular job.

Education Needed/helpful -

Some of the education that is helpful is as follows -

BSc Environmental Sciences Degree ( a Degree is not essential for the job, but in most cases it helps a lot!)

A levels in Chemistry, Geography and General Studies is needed for this job.

Like i said before, a degree is not needed, but think about it..If you are competing for a job and one person had a extra degree, and the other one doesn't. Which one would you pick?

Salary -

$61,700 per year
$29.66 per hour

Interesting Facts :)

It interesting that there is a job with such diversity. With so many things that you would be able to learn. And with every new day comes a new experience. All in all, I fell that this would be and amazing but interesting job to have, and I hope that you have learned something.