Cloud Systems Engineer

1 Waterhouse Square, 138 - 142 Holborn, London EC1N 2NT

Specific Skills

For this job, qualifications & security is essential. Security is an important attribute because companies may have confidential & sensitive information they need to keep, especially at a cloud based company, the employer will be looking to rely on you to look after this, this shows that you are a trustworthy, honest worker. The qualifications need for this job is Engineering or computer science & at least 3 years working experience, this would show the employer your competent and your able to do the job.

General Skills

General Skills needed for this job would be time management, Time management skills are important for an employee to have because a company wants to be confident that its workers can set realistic deadlines and meet them. This will allow the company to be more efficient when completing tasks. Another skills suited for this job is communication skills, this is a skill employers look for because they want employees that have a good ability to demonstrate their ideas in a variety of ways. written and verbal communication makes this possible.

Soft Skills

Soft skills for this job include integrity & tolerance, employers will be looking for employees that are punctual, and that don't steal from the organisation, Employers will want employees that always strive to achieve the best results for the company. Tolerance is about the ability to get on with others around you in order to complete the task in hand. Employers will want colleagues that are respectful of the views, practices and opinions of others. This is because if there is tolerance between employees, there is less likely to be conflict in the workplace which will lead to efficiency.