Comida in Mexico

By, Kristie Wundrow, Bennett Hanus, Caden Woelffer

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How does Mexico’s climate affect their food?

A lot of products such as tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelons and other products that got damaged by severe frosts in the north of mexico in january.

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What are there typical Mexican ingredients?

Avocados, Beans , Cheeses, Chipotles, Chocolate (Mexican), Crema, Limes, Oregano (Mexican), Poblanos, Tomatoes, Tortillas (corn and flour).
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What are some typical foods eaten at festivals/holidays?

During New Years some Spanish people drink sparkling wine, and enjoy tapas (appetizers). People will also bring assorted sweets and candy.

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What do typical Mexican meals look like?

They are more focused on presentation than American food, and they are much more traditional. The Spanish’s food uses more vegetables and fruits in their meals than other countries.
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What do they eat for desayuno/ almuerzo / cena?

They eat Churro's for breakfast, for lunch they eat fish, drink wine, and eat dessert, usually being fruit or cheese, dinner is smaller than lunch and meals that are eaten with it include white rice topped with tomato sauce and pasta.

What time in Mexico do they comer (eat)?

They eat desayuno (breakfast) at 7:30 before work

They eat almuerzo (lunch) at 3:30

They eat cena (dinner) at 10:00

Who do they comer (eat) with?

They typically comer (eat) breakfast with their family. During lunch, they eat with amigos (friends) on weekend and family during the week (this applies for children in escuela), adults comer with amigos (friends) and not familia (family). At dinner, they comer (eat) with their familia (family).

Who is in charge of preparing the comida?

In a spanish speaking familia, the madre typically prepares the comida for the familia. The daughters are taught how to prepare the food by the madre.

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