Taylor's Smore Fyler

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#1 Resource - Animoto

Animoto is an app that allows you customize and edit video clips. Make your own video from your computer, laptop, ipad or smart phone and publish it to any website.

#2 Resource - Audacity

Audacity is a recording software that allows students to record straight from the computer and edit their audio clips for any use by exporting them.

#3 Resource - Text-to-Speech Translator

Text-To-Speech Translator allows you to speak into the computer/mic and the app will then translate your audio to text. It will also allow you to insert text and then have it read the text back to you.

#4 Resource - SFX Source

Sound Effects Source is an app that allows you to download sound effects and put them into your animation, video, game or multi-media productions.

#5 Resource - Teacher Tube

Teacher Tube is a website where teacher upload their own videos for the purpose of allowing other educators gather their knowledge.

#6 Resource - Vuvox

Vuvox is a presentation tool that allows you to add slides, music, files or photos to a presentation for class or a website.

#7 Resource - Prezi

Prezi creates a virtual map of your presentation with videos, text, pictures and drawings.

#8 Resource - UStream

If your looking for an app that allows you to broadcast live events or newscast, UStream is the website for you. All you need is a camera and live internet connection to broadcast to the world.

#9 Resource - Songza

Songza is a music website that you can find any song or band and add it to your presentation for free.

#10 Resource - Jam Studio

Jam Studio is just what the picture above says: its an online music factory. You can create your music with different instrument and styles.

Video Resources


Everyone knows about YouTube. You can find any video about anything on this website as millions of videos are uploaded daily.

Ted Talks

Ted Talks are more like short little video conferences or presentations that allows you to watch somebody present a topic or idea to the world. There are tons of videos that allows you to learn more in depth at a certain topic or idea.


SchoolTube is like its predecessor YouTube. It is a website where there are videos uploaded by teachers and students from around the world.


Edutopia is an awesome place for find lesson ideas and resources that are organized by grade levels and content.


Muvee is another video presentation website that allows you to create your own video to share with your classroom.

Podcast Resources

Entrepreneur On Fire

This podcast would be great for my journalism classroom as I think they both go hand in hand. Journalism is kind of like being an entrepreneur, you have to convince your consumer that what your doing is the best around and you should buy my product/newspaper/photograph. http://www.entrepreneuronfire.com

Bite-Sized Marketing for Christian Coaches


This podcast is great for those who want to coach sports while teaching, like myself. She offers great tips while coaching to get the most out of your players and experience itself.

60 Minutes

The famous 60 Minutes has a podcast that shows all their shows on the iTunes store. 60 Minutes has great documentaries that are good for any class.


Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines is a sports based documentary podcast. Journalism includes covering sports and this podcast covers the most popular and controversial topics around the world. http://sports.espn.go.com/espnradio/podcast/index

ESPN Fantasy Focus Podcast

This would be great for a business class or journalism class. Fantasy sports is a booming enterprise in the US with millions of players participating in each professional sport online.