Catherine The Great

Becomeing apart of Royal family

It was August 21 1745 when Catherine the great got married to peter which was with in the royal family they where married happily.It has been a couple years later because after wanting a baby she finally got one.

The Royal Baby

Paul was his name born in September 20th of 1745 when Paul was born people debated about the father of Paul.some thought it was a member or the court and he was a noble his name was Sergei Saltykov but some thought differently they thought it was the king's baby but they did never know.
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Becoming Queen of Russia

It was December 25th 1761 when emperor Elisabeth died peter decided to name himself king of Russia while Catherine the great was named Empress consort after leading Russia 6 mouths had past then peter was dethroned by Catherine the great which she planned herself making her the Queen of Russia and peter stepped down from power.

Death of Peter

after being dethroned buy Catherine the Great few a few days later peter was strangled while in at one of his estates some thought that there new Queen had something to do with it but it was never proven.
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New Love Life

she has been ruling for a while now in that time there are some speculations of her and her love life they said she can't remarry.but over her life she had 12 boyfriends in her life but her favorite was a man named Gregory Potemkin.

Final Days For Catherine The Great

It was November 17 1796 when she died,at a winter gala her coffin laid buy a statue with peter her husband she died of a stroke.People remember her for bring forth education and support art.She will is remembered as being a good queen of Russia.
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