Independence is gained

For Texas! By Camden Czech

Gaining Independence for Texas

In 1829, eight years after the start of the Texas colony, Texans started to talk about rebellion against the Mexican rule. Texans that were Americans were unfamiliar with Mexican laws and they were used to governing themselves. They didn’t like how all official documents were in Spanish, the native language of Mexico. They wanted to break away and become their own nation, and then join the United States. The President of Mexico, Antonio López de Santa Anna, heard this, he grew angry and decided to tax the colony for the first time, as well as send troops to Texas. Texans knew that a break was necessary, so they elected Sam Houston as their general, and they fought for their independence. After defeats at Goliad and the Alamo, the Texans came through in 1836, with the victory at San Jacinto, and they forced Santa Anna to sign a treaty saying that Texas was now a free country, called the Lone Star Republic, and everyone in Texas was now free.