Assessing for Differentiation

Tools and Tricks to help you differentiate your lessons.

When Do You Assess for Differentiation?

  • Beginning of the Year
  • Beginning of a new lesson/objective
  • Every day- You'll be surprised how small interactions and observations can make a difference

Why Do You Assess for Differentiation?

  • Student Readiness Level: Not Ready, Ready to Go, Ready to Go Beyond
  • Student Learning Style: How do they learn best?
  • Student Interest : What motivates them to learn?

Student Readiness

Student Readiness: Kahoot

Great way to assess all students' knowledge before a new lesson/objective and have immediate feedback. Plus it's fun for the students!

Student Readiness: Plickers

Another easy and fun way to assess when starting a new topic/objective.

Student Readiness: Easy CBM

A website that has premade quizzes for many different subjects. You can have the students take it online or print it out. It also has benchmark quizzes that can assess students' progress

Student Readiness: CLI Strategies

Exploding Atom and The Truth About Me are two great ways to assess students levels while incorporating a CLI Strategy. As the lesson takes place, you could make observations or take anecdotal notes about how students react to the lesson.

Student Readiness: Schoolnet Pretest

You can build a test using TEKS from SchoolNet. The test can be printed out or you can have the students take it online and it's graded for you.

Student Readiness: Formative Assessments

DRA (K-2)

TPRI (K-2)

TEMI (K-2)

ORF (3-6)

STAAR Benchmark (3-6)

Student Learning Survey

Primary Learning Survey

This survey has a lot of visuals. It can be done whole group, small group or one on one.

Learning Survey

This survey is great for 2nd grade and older.

Student Interest

Student Interest

  • Daily Conversations with Students
  • Daily Observations
  • Building Relationships with the Students
  • I Love You Rituals