Coyote Chronicle

September 2019 Edition

Leader of the Pack

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Mullica Township Middle School PBIS recognizes the “LEADERS of the PACK” for

September 2019.

This month the character trait exemplified by these students was Readiness.

Join us in celebrating:

5th Grade

Samuel Brownhill, Jada Matos, Sonia Rivera, Adrinna Luciano

6th Grade

- Amelia Brown, Mackenzee Belber, Leileanie Hughes, Elizabeth Infante, Emily Winterbottom

7th Grade

Hailey Allen, Ashley Colin-Esquivel, Jimmy Hanselmann, Evan Titherington, Jose Echevarria, Cesar Ramirez-Cortazar

8th Grade

Tyler McCorriston, Aaron Banta, Gabrielle Kienzle, Tyler Thomas

We're Ready to be Olympians

Let the Band Begin!

Senior band got off to a great start on Tuesday September 17th. Jazz band began September 25th and Junior band began September 26th. Holiday music is in the air as you walk down the band hallway. Auditions for seating in Senior band are being held October 1st and 2nd. Ask your kids to play their scales and

Frosty the Snowman for you so they will be prepared to play their best!

-Mrs. Bridge

Cross Country Season Begins

The 2019 Cross Country season began this week with a meet at Somers Point. The Coyotes hope to have a successful season.

-Mr. Driscoll

Math Movement!

Many times in math class we feel the need to move around! Often we find a partner or a group to work with! These students sure enjoyed a little hands on math activities!

-Mrs. Pino

Mrs. Manzer and Mrs. Massaro's 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Manzer and Mrs. Massaro's 5th Grade ELA STUDENTS getting to know each other for a BRAND NEW YEAR of SCHOOL!


Our 6th graders are learning the ins and outs of our new reading program, StudySync. They are enjoying collaborative conversations and having digital access to stories and articles.

-Mrs. Rivera

You've Got a Friend in Me!

What a better way to start off the year then by taking a selfie with a friend! Knowing that this is someone you can count on in class and school is always reassuring!

-Mrs. Pino

Decorating Writer’s Notebooks

Any writer knows you must have inspiration to begin a great story. At the beginning of the year, 5th graders decorate their Writer's Notebook. Students take time to find pictures of objects that are meaningful to them and glue these pictures onto the front of their notebook. Having children decorate their writer's notebooks allows students to generate ideas for writing stories and filling up their notebooks with a lot of writing! Students can look at a picture that they put on their writer's notebook and write a personal narrative or story about that memory. Can't wait to see the stories developed throughout the year!

-Mrs. Manzer

Understanding Time

6TH grade Social Studies students make interactive timelines to help understand ancient history.

-Mrs. McClaren

Coyotes Close Reading

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Mrs. Magalong and Mrs. Sheldon's 7th grade readers spent this week close reading "Rikki Tikki Tavi," making inferences and thinking critically about character development and theme.

-Mrs. Magalong

Group Paced Learning

A day after completing a self-paced lesson, students were allowed to work in partners at their own pace to see how well they understand those concepts. When students finished, they were asked to try challenge problems from!

-Mr. Apalucci

100 Numbers to Get Students Talking

Students in Mrs. Coughlin's class, together with Mrs. Sheldon and Mrs. Holte, are expected to work in groups and talk about math out loud everyday. Using the "100 Numbers to Get Students Talking" activity the students were engaged, were talking about math to each other and showed how a group work should look and sound like.

-Mrs. Coughlin

The Champion of Gaga! And Some Fabulous 6th Grade Coyotes

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6th Grade Coyotes are HAPPY for Kyle, the Champion of Gaga!

-Mrs. Massaro

Masters of Suspense!

Our 8th graders began their first ELA unit reading and discussing an excerpt from the essay "Let 'Em Play God" by Alfred Hitchcock. Student pairs worked together to construct evidence-based written responses to an assigned "think question". Afterwards, they evaluated and ranked the responses created by their peers. Finally, students compared their own responses to the model response, noting strengths and areas for improvement.

-Mrs. Vanderheyden

Stations of the American Revolution

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In American history, students have been completing a variety activities to further their understanding of the American Revolution. The activities include recognizing the symbolism of our flag and creating a new one for modern America, writing a letter home from the perspective of a continental soldier at Valley Forge, following a Google Earth map of specific battles, and much more! This allows for students to enjoy multiple ways of learning rather than just taking notes.

-Mr. Petetti

Teamwork Towers

Room 90 participated in a team building, exploration activity. They worked together to build towers that were able to support the weight of a marshmallow.

-Miss Nowlan

20 Time

7th grade students worked with their groups during 20 Time in Social Studies class. 20 Time projects are long term passion projects that students are working on. Each student is working on their own particular project, but their group members help them along the way! Students bounced ideas off of their classmates, and worked together to developed fat questions to drive their projects and research.

-Miss Donio

Math Jeopardy

Mr. Richards' math class took a brain break while still working on their math skills. Following a math quiz, the students teamed up to compete in some math jeopardy related to the current topic they have been working on!

-Mr. Richards

Matter In Science

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Mrs. Leonetti's science classes have jumped right into learning about Properties of Matter. We've practiced our observation skills, used triple-beam balances to find mass, and created solutions.

-Mrs. Leonetti

Thinkin' like a Lincoln

Mr. McLaughlin’s 6th grade science class share and analyze data they formulated from their multiple intelligence test.

-Mr. McLaughlin

7th Grade Science

We have started off the year exploring the scientific method and measuring. We wrote hypotheses about how many Skittles are in a bag and what is is the most common color - is there one? We measured the diameter of bubbles to use rulers correctly like scientists. We also worked in collaborative groups to figure out some of the "Famous Scientists of STEM". We have started our first official scope where we are talking about the Elements of the Periodic Table and Matter.

-Mrs. Bartling

Subtracting Integers

Seventh graders are continuing to practice adding and subtracting integers using visuals and manipulatives to assist them. Partners have been working on remembering the rules while using these hands-on and collaborative strategies.

-Mrs. Coughlin and Mrs. Sheldon

Composing Video Game Music with BeepBox

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8th graders started their composition projects using an online program called BeepBox. Students learned about 8-bit music, as well as the form of video game music. They are now tasked with creating their own video game themes.

-Miss Ocheske

Conaway's Coyotes

Miss Conaway's class enjoyed decorating our Writer's Notebooks as inspiration for our personal narrative writing unit.

-Miss Conaway

Room 46 Establishes Core Values

In an effort to decorate the room in a way that is as enriching and positive as can be, each of the students (and staff) in Room 46 were tasked with coming up with a core value which they feel is important to them, and also can help set a tone to guide the room. To make them known, we etched each value on the wall as a constant reminder of how we should live - day out.

-Mr. Hannel

Breakfast Before the Bell

We all know the best way to start our day is with a healthy breakfast, middle school students can take advantage of breakfast before the bell and eat in the Coyote Cafe. We will focus on the importance of the MyPlate in health class and it starts with a healthy breakfast.

-Mrs. Tomasello

Health Office Does Physicals

Dr. Nurkiewicz, our school doctor, came to the health office to conduct sports physicals for 35 student athletes. These athletes are now cleared to participate in any school sport all year! Future physicals dates will be held for winter and spring sports.

-Nurse Goodrich

Celebrating Success

Celebrating success in Coughlin/Holte/Sheldon's classroom. Students that earn an A on their quiz or test, can write their name on the "Window of Fame".

-Mrs. Coughlin

Mark Your Calendar

  • October 5 - Mullica in the Pines - Gift Auction
  • October 7 - October 11 - Fire Prevention Week
  • October 9 - Fire Prevention Day Observed
  • October 14 - Columbus Day - School Closed / Staff In-Service
  • October 16 - Progress Report Check - PowerSchool
  • October 23 - October 31 - Red Ribbon Week - “Send a Message. Stay Drug Free”
  • October 30 - Youth Alliance Assembly - Devyn Wyman